Get 4% annual interest rate for GCash Save!



1. CIMB Bank customers considered eligible (the “Eligible Participants”) for this Campaign must fulfill all the following conditions (the Qualifying Criteria”):

  • Must have at least one (1) active GSave account.
  • Must maintain a minimum balance of PHP25,000 in a GSave account by the end of each qualifying month to qualify for 4% p.a.
  • If a customer has a balance below the required minimum, he/she must deposit to his/her GSave account such that the account balance will meet the minimum PHP 25,000 requirement by the end of each qualifying month.

2. Existing customers of CIMB Bank who do not have a minimum balance of at least PHP25,000 by the end of every qualifying month shall not be eligible for the increased interest rate offered by this campaign

3. The Eligible Participant(s) shall be entitled to the following interest rate, for the month succeeding eligibility, (“Reward(s)”) upon meeting all the qualifying criteria(s) as stipulated above:

Required Minimum Balance Increased Interest Rate
GSave PHP25,000.00 by month end 4% p.a.

4. Each Eligible Participant is entitled to an increased interest rate of 4% p.a. for GSave based on the actual balance on their eligible account. Eligible participants may withdraw or deposit during the qualifying month period and still continue accruing with the increased interest rate. Customers can apply again for the special interest rate period provided that their account balance is at least Php25,000 by end of a qualifying month.

5. The interest earned will be credited to the Eligible Participant’s CIMB Bank account within seven (7) business days after each special interest rate period, provided that Eligible Participant’s account(s) MUST NOT be blocked and/or closed at the time of crediting

6. The interest earned shall be credited only to the Eligible Participant’s CIMB Bank subject account regardless of any request from the Eligible Participant or any other person to credit the Reward to the Eligible Participant(s) other accounts or third party’s accounts, whether or not held at CIMB Bank or any other banks.


GSave account holders can earn 4% interest rate p.a. on their savings until December 31, 2019 by maintaining a balance of Php 25,000.

Any GCash Save account holder is qualified for the promo.

To join the promo, a user must deposit and maintain a minimum of Php 25,000 during the months of August — November 2019.

  • Qualifying months are as follows:
    • August serves as the qualifying month for September special IR
    • September serves as the qualifying month for October special IR
    • October serves as the qualifying month for November special IR
    • November serves as the qualifying month for December special IR

The promo period is from August 1 to December 31 only; to qualify for 4% interest rate on December, you must already have maintained Php 25,000 for the month of August.

A user will get a special interest rate of 4% (vs. 3%) in the months they qualify for.

You will receive the special interest rate payout within 7 days of qualifying for it (in the first week of the following month).

You can see the interest rate payout on the transaction history of your GCash Save account.

GCash is a BSP-regulated mobile money service open to all networks that lets you buy load, purchase items, send and receive money, pay bills, and financial services. GCash is the platform provider of the Save Money feature.

CIMB is an all-digital bank and the product owner of the Save Money feature. For more information about the company, visit:

  1. With GCash, your account is your Globe or TM mobile number. Registration is done through a
    simple, one-time process via the GCash App or dialing *143#. After registration, these channels
    can be also be used to access your GCash account:

Via the GCash App
Download the app
Enter your mobile number and click Register in the prompt
Provide the necessary information as prompted
Nominate a 4-digit MPIN

Note: Your GCash mobile number must be the activated SIM in your phone to ensure a successful in-App registration.

Via *143#
On your phone, dial *143# then select ‘GCash’
Select ‘GCash’, then ‘Register’
Nominate a 4-digit MPIN
Provide the necessary information as prompted

Save Money is the digital savings account in partnership with CIMB Bank. This service allows users to save money with zero maintaining balance, zero initial deposit, and earn from their savings with 3.0% interest rate.