5 Things to Do Before the Ber Months Begin

Brace yourself for a slew of Christmas carols and mall sales. Next week, the Ber Months begin! But before you start making your Christmas gift list or working on your goals for the last quarter of the year, check these 5 things off your list first.

  • Treat yourself for the hard work you’ve put in
    More than half of the year is over, and you’re still here! Give yourself a pat on the back and recognize the work that you’ve put in in the last 6 months. Go get a massage or go on a fun trip to reward yourself for your efforts.
  • Make a game plan for Q4
    Up your game with a plan for the rest of 2018. Decide what you want to accomplish from September to December and detail the steps you need to take to achieve it. With this in hand, you’ll surely be ready by next week!

    • Clean out your room
      Don’t wait until December to clean out your room. A tidy space helps fuel a calm mind. Donate clothes you haven’t worn in months, fold your bed sheets, and take out the trash. It might seem like a monumental effort, but you’ll surely enjoy the fruits of your labor once you’re done.
    • Take a social media break
      Recharge completely with a short social media break. With us constantly thumbing through our smartphones scrolling through countless feeds, it’s hard to just take a breather. Turn off your notifications for a weekend and reflect on the things you’ve done so far, and the things you need to do. After some quality me-time, you’ll be ready for the Ber Months!

  • Pay off your bills
    Of course you don’t want things holding you back, do you? Pay off any debts and bills you still have, as a fresh start for the last hurdle of 2018. Paying your bills also guarantees you a peaceful mind and less worries – a great start for a productive fourth quarter!

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