April Ang Pao Promo

  1. The promo is valid to selected GCash subscribers only.
  2. The transaction must be done via the GCash Ang Pao feature.
  3. To join, users must send exactly P1 to 2 different people.
  4. Each user can avail of the promo a maximum of once per day.
  5. Promo Duration and Details:
Promo Duration Prize Seeding Dates
April 1 – 30, 2019
Amount No. of Winners
₱10,000.00 4
₱1,000.00 30
₱500.00 50
₱100.00 500
₱50.00 1000
₱10.00 45000
Total 46,584
April 2 –  May 7, 2019
    1. Prizes will be sent via GCash Ang Pao to the winners’ verified mobile number throughout the promo period.
    2. GCash reserves the right and has the authority to deny rewards for incorrect user data, fraudulent transactions, infringement on the terms of use, or other illegal actions as mandated by Philippine law.

Semi-verified and fully-verified GCash users can join the promo.

Use the GCash Ang Pao feature to send exactly P1 to 2 other GCash users. Redeem up to once per day during the promo period.

Every sender that joins the promo will win a surprise Ang Pao on their first transaction every day during the promo period. GCash users who receive Ang Paos can still be part of the promo as long as they send Ang Paos as well. Receivers do not automatically get an extra Ang Pao from GCash until they send Ang Paos themselves.

If you are registered to GCash and your account is semi-verified or fully verified, then you can Send Money via GCash.

You can get verified in just a few steps! Open the latest GCash app and click send money to get verified. You will be prompted to go through a verification process allowing you to send money.

Each user can avail of the promo once per day during the promo period.

If you have a GCash card, you can withdraw the money through any Mastercard or BancNet ATM machine. If you don’t have a GCash card, you may get a card for P150 delivered straight to your doorstep through this link.

Sorry, you can only receive the prize through GCash. GCash is accepted in 25,000+ partner merchants nationwide, so you can easily use GCash by simply downloading the free GCash app.

Your prize amount will be sent through GCash between April 2 – May 7, 2019.

All qualified promo participants will be assigned a random prize amount at the end of each day. These amounts will be sent to their GCash-registered mobile numbers within the seeding period mentioned unless there are technical issues.