Promo Mechanics

  1. Promo Mechanics 

    Buy a Bear Brand promo pack and redeem your GCash voucher using the promo code found inside the pack. Incentives vary per SKU. 


    User Guidelines


    1. Open to all users who purchase the Bear Brand promo pack. The amount varies based on SKU:
      1. Bear Brand 99g – P15 Incentive
      2. Bear Brand 150g – P20 Incentive
      3. Bear Brand RSMD 300g – P40 Incentive
      4. Bear Brand CHOCO 300g – P40 Incentive
      5. Bear Brand 320g – P40 Incentive
      6. Bear Brand 2kg – P200 Incentive
    2. To redeem the incentive, the customer, after buying a qualified promo pack:
      1. Finds the product code inside the promo pack
      2. Heads to the specific GCash link provided in the promo pack (back portion detailing the instructions). Note: Each SKU has a distinct GCash link.
      3. Be redirected to a GCash page where user can claim the incentive
      4. Inputs the mobile number and promo code
      5. Chooses the preferred incentive out of the list 
      6. Receives a prompt for successful claim
      7. Receives incentive seeding in 24 hours  
      8. (If customer is not a GCash user) Taps on ‘Head to Explore the GCash App’ to download and register 
      9. (Within 24 hours) Receives an SMS regarding the successful seeding
      10. Incentive is directly reflected in the GCash Voucher Pocket or GCash balance based on the type of incentive claimed
    3. Each user can redeem max of one (1) code/incentive per day.
    4. The amount per incentive varies per SKU purchase but the customer can choose from any of the following incentives: 
      1. Cinema-specific QR Voucher
      2. Supermarket-specific QR Voucher
      3. Pharmacy-specific QR Voucher
      4. Cashback for Utilities (Cashback for Utilities Bills paid through GCash)
    5. The QR voucher can be used even without GCash balance in any participating merchants (see complete list of merchants here). The cashback will only be seeded 24 hours after successful Pay Bills transaction and will automatically be reflected in the GCash balance.
    6. If a customer registers for the first time and claims a GCash incentive from this Bear Brand promo, he/she is exempt from receiving any additional onboarding incentive for new GCash users.  
    7. In case of dispute in respect to the GCash subscriber’s eligibility, actual SMS, etc, GCash shall investigate and decide on the matter within  two to three (2-3) business days. All questions or disputes regarding the holder’s eligibility for the promo, or for any redemption shall be resolved by GCash at its discretion. 
    8. All incentives given to the qualified user shall be deemed final unless the customer files a complaint (i.e. incorrect cashback amount credited or uncredited cashback amount) within 15 days from the end of the promo period. If the user wrongly inputs a mobile number upon claiming, the incentive can be re-seeded if proven that the error was due to a mismatch of one or two digits. GCash does not allow any transfer of incentives from one mobile number to another. 
    9. GCash reserves the right and has the authority to deny rewards for incorrect user data, fraudulent transactions, infringement on the terms of use, or other illegal actions as mandated by Philippine law.


    Guidelines on the GCash Incentives

    1. No minimum spend is required for all QR vouchers.
    2. For the cashback, seeding will be done  within 24 hours after the user’s successful Pay Bills transaction. No minimum amount is required for the Pay Bills transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buy a Bear Brand promo pack and redeem your GCash voucher using the promo code found inside the pack. Incentives vary per SKU.

Open to all users who purchase a Bear Brand Promo Pack

Purchase any of the participating Bear Brand promo packs, head to the GCash link provided, and input the promo code found inside the promo pack to avail of your voucher

The promo period is from August 15 – November 30, 2020.

You can use the promo code found inside the promo pack to redeem the reward. Simply head to the GCash link provided in the promo pack to claim your reward. Your reward will be seeded within 24 hours except for Pay Bills cashback which will be seeded within 24 hours from your successful Pay Bills transaction.

Yes, the following individuals are not eligible to join the promo: 

  • Employees, affiliates, subsidiary companies and representatives of GCash. Partner agents of GCash including their affiliates and subsidiary companies. 
  • Any person or entity professionally connected with the promotion; and any person prohibited from participating in the Promotion under any statute, law, regulation, ordinance, rule, directive, guideline, policy, requirement, or other governmental restriction or any similar form of decision, or determination by, or any interpretation or administration of any of the foregoing by the Philippines or any instrumentality thereof. 
  • Users who engage in fraud or any form or promo abuse, and those barred from promotional activities.

If you have not received your reward within the expected period, you can send us a ticket at the GCash Help Center. Make sure to provide the proof of transaction or transaction reference number of your registration and your load purchase. If you did not receive the cashback, it might mean your transaction did not qualify due to any of the following reasons:

  • You are not qualified for this promo
  • Your account may be tagged as suspicious
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