Buy Load Exclusive Reward

Promo Mechanics

Promo Mechanics

    1. Get 5% Cashback capped at PHP 80 when you Buy Load in the GCash App.  Promo valid to any load product available in App
    2. This promo is only applicable to selected GCash subscribers who avail load via App within Promo Period, April 26 - May 9, 2021.
    3. Customers will be informed via SMS, and will receive the accumulated/consolidated reward to be credited to their GCash account every Friday capped at PHP 80.
    4. GCash, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse the awarding of cashback for suspicion of abuse or fraud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Selected GCash customers who received a special SMS from GCash and have bought load via the GCash App during the promo period 

Any load product available in the GCash App 

Every time you buy load the amount will be accumulated during the promo period. The cash back will be 5% of the final accumulated amount bought capped at PHP 80.

GCash allows you to buy load for yourself or others, no matter what network. It features different types of load - regular load, load promos, and data promos.

  1. Log in to the GCash App and select Buy Load on the dashboard.
  2. Input the mobile number you want to send load to. You can also select a saved contact on your phone by tapping the phonebook icon on the right side of the mobile number field. Once you've selected the number/contact, tap 'Next' on the bottom of the screen. For this promo you just need to tap on next button no need to change your number in the recipient
  3. Select or enter the amount you wish to buy.
  4. Once you've chosen what load to buy, check if the mobile number and amount are correct. Select 'Confirm'.
  5. Once you've bought load, you will see a confirmation page of your request. Tap 'Done' to exit.
  6. You should instantly receive a text from GCash, as an SMS receipt of your Buy Load purchase

NOTE: All Buy Load transactions are final and cannot be reversed once done.

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