Use your GCash Mastercard with voucher code GCASHPCS400 to shop a minimum of Php 1,000 at Lazada from November  24 – November 27, 2017 and get Php 400 OFF!*

*Up to 1 voucher code use per eligible user only.

  • The promo is applicable to GCash Mastercard cardholders only
  • The voucher code can only be redeemed once within the promo period of Nov 24 – 27, 2017
  • Discount is applicable on a per transaction basis and will be deducted from the total transaction amount
  • All Lazada and Taobao Collection items are included in the promo
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with other promo codes, but can be used on all items on sale

What is the Promo of GCash and Lazada?

Use your GCash Mastercard with voucher code GCASHPCS400 to shop a minimum of Php 1,000 at Lazada from November  24 – November 27, 2017 and get Php 400 OFF!*

*Up to 1 voucher code use per eligible user only.

What items can I use the voucher code on?

Voucher code is applicable on all Lazada and Taobao Collection items within the promo period.

 How do I know if my payment transaction is successful?

There are 3 simple steps in checking the success in Order Creation.

  1. If an account has been created you can go to the Order Tracking Page which can be found on the upper right hand corner of the website. The Order Tracking Page would show you orders made from the time the account was created to the most recent.
  2. Check your email and phone. An email and SMS notification will be sent out once Order has been successfully made.
  3. If all else fails, you can call us at our hotline or send us a message via to check if the order went through

What if I bought items from Lazada more than once between November 24 – 27, 2017? How much discount will I get?

You will only get a PHP 400 discount per transaction for your next eligible transaction when you avail of the promo code. The GCASHPCS400 voucher code can only be redeemed once within the promo period.

What is the GCash Mastercard?

The GCash Mastercard is a type of GCash card with a Mastercard logo that is linked to your GCash wallet. It lets you shop securely from partner establishments that accept Mastercard as a mode of payment.

Can I avail of a GCash Mastercard even without a GCash account? What are the requirements to apply for a GCash Mastercard?

No. You will need to register to GCash before you can get a GCash Mastercard

You have to be a KYC’ed (Know Your Customer) Globe GCASH-registered subscriber, and you need a completely filled-out GCash service form and valid ID

Bring the filled-out GCash service form and valid ID to any Globe Store/GCash Caravan to avail of the Mastercard

How do I avail of the GCASHPCS400 Promo on Lazada Philippines?

To avail of the promo and get a discount on your Lazada Online Revolution purchase:

  • Download the GCash app on your smartphone and sign up.
  • Get KYC’ed (Know your Customer) via the nearest Globe Store or via Online KYC (Link: See the GCash FAQs: Customer Verification to find out more details (Link:
  • Purchase a GCash Mastercard (PHP 150)/ GCash-beep Mastercard (PHP 210) from our GCash caravans nationwide.
  • Link your GCash Mastercard to your GCash account through following the instructions included in the card kit. The GCash Mastercard can be used after 24 hours of linking.
  • Cash-in to your GCash wallet. We have multiple cash-in partners nationwide (i.e. 7Eleven, Cebuana, BPI, RCBC).
  • Proceed to the Lazada Philippines website and browse items to purchase, and add to cart. Click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.
  • On the delivery information page, select a shipping address or add another address, then click CONTINUE.
  • On the payment information page, select the CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD payment option, then enter your Mastercard account details.
  • On the right-hand side of the payment information page, find “Have voucher code?” and click “Apply here”.
  • Enter the voucher code: GCASHPCS400 and click APPLY. The discount will be automatically applied to the total amount if the order fits the conditions for the promo discount – GCash Mastercard BIN and minimum order of PHP 1,000.00.

Click PLACE YOUR ORDER to confirm order.

When will the discount reflect?

The discount will be deducted from the total transaction value when the voucher code GCASHPCS400 is used upon checkout. The promo code can only be used up to twice per GCash Mastercard accountholder within the promo period.

What if I entered the voucher code, but the discount wasn’t reflected?

If it is your first time to use the code during the promo period, please contact the Lazada Philippines customer service hotline for assistance at (02)795-8900 or log on to Help Center at

Otherwise, the voucher code can only be redeemed once (1)  per GCash Mastercard account and should meet the conditions for voucher code eligibility.

Are all of the Lazada items eligible to be included in the promo?


What is Lazada? is part of Lazada Group which operates Southeast Asia’s number one online shopping and selling destination in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Pioneering eCommerce in the region, Lazada provides customers with an effortless shopping experience and retailers with simple and direct access to the largest customer base in Southeast Asia

What is the Pinoy Cyber Sale?

Today, as the Christmas season draws near, multiple online e-commerce sites gather to promote the integrity of Philippine E-Commerce, with Lazada launching the Pinoy Cyber Sale Deals in 2017. This campaign doesn’t just bring in all the available discounts and deals that the group has to offer for their respected customers but also aims to educate and showcase the advantages of online shopping and the growth of e-commerce in the country today.

The Pinoy Cyber Sale is one of the first campaign seasons to target two specific campaigns, aiming to join the weekend full of sales and vouchers that existing buyers would really like and new customers might be amazed by, given the affordable and accessible products, sold at the best prices on the top online shopping site in the country today. This campaign also sets the idea of effortless shopping that people can experience, and be exposed to in the Philippines.

See the Rise of E-Commerce Unfold at the Pinoy Cyber Sale
Lazada, the leading online shopping site in the country emerges with the Pinoy Cyber Sale campaign, with the top brands coming in the Philippines, as well as some of the top brands sold in the website being the main features of this campaign. The upcoming deals that the brand will give out could even compete with the likes of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday of other countries, making the brand one of the trusted in terms of e-commerce in the country today.

The Pinoy Cyber Sale is a big part of Lazada’s Online Revolution, where the group celebrates the finest products and sales that they can come up. Shop the Universe, and see how expansive the online shopping experience is in the Philippines as we speak. The Pinoy Cyber Sale takes place from November 24 up to 27, 2017.

What are the Lazada customer support details?

Customers can call customer service hotline at (02) 795-89000 or log on to Help Center at