Get P50 cashback when you pay for your FOX+ subscription using GCash Mastercard or GCash AMEX. Valid for first transaction every month within the promo period (October 15-January 31, 2019).

1. Get P50 cashback when you pay your monthly FOX+ subscription fee using GCash AMEX or GCash Mastercard.
2. Valid on FOX+ monthly transactions made within the promo period.
3. New subscribers will also receive a free 30 day trial before being charged a recurring monthly fee.
4. Only GCash subscribers who are using AMEX and MasterCard to pay directly to FOX+ are eligible, anyone who purchases through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store account for their subscription will not be eligible.
5. Promotion duration October 15, 2018 – January 31, 2019.
6. Limit of one (1) cashback per month per GCash user during the promo duration.
7. Cashback is applicable on a per transaction basis, and will be seeded to the GCash subscriber within 5 working days.
8. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other GCash promo and/or discount.
9. GCash, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse the awarding of rewards for suspicion of abuse or fraud.
10. The warranty of the products and the quality of the services being offered under this promo shall be the responsibility of FOX+, subject to their terms and conditions.
11. Subject to FOX+ terms of use.


GCash Mastercard is a physical pre-funded debit card that is directly linked to your GCash balance.

GCash American Express Virtual Pay is a virtual prepaid card that allows you to shop for digital products such as music, movies, ebooks, and apps from popular app stores such as FOX+. It is also directly linked to your GCash balance.

1. Select Credit/Debit card option in payment options page of the FOX+ website.
2. Input your card details:

If AMEX, Card Number can be located in the AMEX page in the GCash App under “My Accounts”, CVV (if forgotten) can be generated in the app and received via SMS.
If Mastercard, Card Number can be located in front of the card.

FOX+ customers get P50 cashback if they use GCash Mastercard or GCash AMEX to pay for their FOX+ subscription.

Promo period is from October 15, 2018 to January 31, 2019.

This promo is open to all GCash subscribers.

The P50 cashback will be seeded to the customer’s GCash account within 5 days of transaction.

Customers can reach out to GCash’s customer support by calling 2882, or messaging GCash Care on Facebook Messenger, or emailing [email protected]

Upon input of your card details, you may be charged around P60 to check if your card is active but this should be reversed within the week. The actual deduction for your subscription which would be eligible for the cashback will be the following month.

Request for a new CVV code via the GCash App (Go to GCash App – select GCash American Express – click “Get New Code”). A new CVV code will be sent via SMS. Please re-input your card details via

FOX+ is a video streaming app that allows you to watch the latest TV series, Hollywood blockbusters, Asian movies, live sports and inspiring documentaries.
Key features
1. You can have up to 10 devices and watch on 2 devices concurrently per account
2. You can download up to 5 pieces of content at one time and watch offline
3. Airplay and Chromecast are supported, so you can watch your favorite shows on the big screen
4. Able to set parental PIN to control access to content

1. Go to
2. Select Start Trial.
3. Create your account.
4. Enter your card information and click subscribe.

1. If your current payment method is via the Fox+ website then log into your account
2. Sign in.
3. Go to “Settings”.
4. Go to “Account Management”.
5. Click “Subscription Management”.
6. Enter your new billing information.
7. Confirm changes.