FREE GInsure Cover on COVID-19 and Dengue

with Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi

Promo Mechanics

Home Prepaid Wifi:

  • Select Home Prepaid Wifi customers will receive a notification for the FREE GInsure cover on COVID-19 and Dengue campaign which they can avail upon purchase of below qualified HomeSURF or HomeWATCH promo*.
    • HomeSURF99
    • HomeSURF199
    • HomeSURF599
    • HomeSURF999
    • HomeSURF1499
    • HomeWATCH199
    • HomeWATCH599
    • HomeWATCH999
    • HomeWATCH1499

*Qualified HomeSURF or HomeWATCH promo must be purchased via the Globe at Home app

  • Confirmed eligible customers will receive the FREE GInsure voucher in the Globe at Home app.
  • FREE GInsure voucher will be seeded within 72 hours upon confirmation of eligibility.
  • Customers can view the FREE GInsure voucher in the ‘Rewards at Home’ page of the Globe at Home app to redeem the voucher.
  • Customers can use the voucher code to subscribe to the FREE Cash for Dengue & COVID-19 Costs insurance plan in the GCash app.

How do I redeem the FREE GInsure?

Step 1: Open your Globe At Home app and go to the ‘Rewards at Home’ page to get the voucher code.

Step 2: Open your GCash app then tap on the GInsure icon. 

Step 3: Tap on the FREE GInsure product card, enter the voucher code, and complete the application process. (Note: Only eligible GCash users can claim the FREE GInsure COVID-19 and Dengue cover.)

Congratulations! You are now covered from unforeseen medical costs due to COVID-19 and Dengue worth up to PHP140,500 for 3 months!

Detailed Steps:

  • Customers can claim the voucher code for the free GInsure product via Globe At Home App.
  • Customers must download and activate the Globe At Home App.
  • On the Globe At Home App:
    • Go to dashboard and look for your free content offer with Globe At Home 
    • If you are eligible for the offer, please click “claim now” on your Globe At Home App dashboard. 
    • Follow the steps to complete your registration.
  • On the GCash app:
    • Tap on ‘GInsure’

    • Tap on the FREE Cash for Dengue & COVID-19 Costs product card

    • Enter the voucher code and tap continue

    • Review personal details and choose your gender and Click Next.