a. Download the GCash App from Google Play or the App Store
b. Follow the steps to complete your registration
c. Once you arrive on the landing page, click the AMEX icon at the bottom of the screen
d. Register to AMEX by entering your email address
e. Confirm the entry
f. You will receive an SMS notification that your account is now active

It’s a virtual American Express Virtual Pay that is connected to your GCash account instead of a physical card.

Registering is easy and fast. Plus, you get to shop from international websites without having to pay any yearly fees (unlike a normal AMEX card).

No. Registering to the AMEX Virtual Pay attached to your GCash account is completely free.

Please contact our channels m.me/GCashCare for chat, support@gcash.com for email, or 2882 to help check on your transaction details.