Cignal E-Pins on GCash


Cignal E-Pins are now available for purchase on the GCash App!


  • Cignal E-Pins may be purchased/sent to any one,
  • Cignal E-Pins may only be used for Cignal accounts only,
  • If a subscriber purchases a Cignal E-Pin, it is considered sold and may not be returned to GCash for a refund,
  • For special packs like Pay-Per-View, the keywords to be used will be broadcast per event.

For current Smart retailers selling Smart prepaid load, just text <Cignal> to 3443 to receive the updated menu.


A Cignal E-Pin is an item used for topping-up Cignal accounts.

You may use this to top-up Cignal accounts.

You will receive a PIN that you will have to manually input/send to your account — our method is not direct top-up to your Cignal Account.


Package SRP Validity
120 Load P120.00 20 Days
175 Load P175.00 30 Days
200 Load P200.00 30 Days
300 Load P300.00 30 Days
450 Load P450.00 30 Days
500 Load P500.00 30 Days
600 Load P600.00 30 Days
800 Load P800.00 30 Days
1000 Load P1000.00 30 Days
  1. Log-On to the GCash App.
  2. Select Buy Load.
  3. Input mobile number that will receive the PIN.
  4. Go to the PayTV Tab.
  5. Select Cignal Item.
  6. Receive PIN.
  7. Text CIGNAL REG No need to re-type your account no. when loading. Just text CIGNAL For both commands, send to 5353 for SMART and SUN subscribers.

Text CIGNAL and send to 5353 for SMART and SUN subscribers. You will receive a text message confirming your request.

Text CIGNAL EXP and send to 5353 for SMART and SUN subscribers. You will receive a text message on the expiry date of your load.

If the subscriber forgets his account number, kindly advise him/her to gently pull out the Smart Card from his/her set-up box and check the backside of the card. For SMART/SUN subscribers, text CIGNAL SC <12-digit smart card number> to 5353. Standard SMS rate apply.