GCash-Codashop 10% discount

Promo Mechanics

  1. Open to all subscribers
  2. For Mobile Legends: Adventure game credits, 10% discount is automatically applied in the Codashop website here: http://bit.ly/2mKMCFa
  3. GCash has the right to withhold rewards from subscribers who exhibit suspicious behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Codashop is a website for players to be able to purchase game credits via GCash.

 Go to Codashop, select your desired game, enter your game account details, select the amount, select GCash as your payment method, then select ‘Buy’

Just select GCash as your payment option and the discount will automatically be applied.

You can get the discount during every purchase and will last until the end of the year.

Please contact GCash Care Facebook Messenger: m.me/gcashcare and email: support@gcash.com, or hotline: 2882. The ff. details will be requested from you during the call:

a. Mobile number that you used to purchase the amount.

b. Reference code of purchase.

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