Users get a free 3 month subscription to KonsultaMD with their first Pay Bills transaction this November.


1. Open only to GCash subscribers who have received the text message.
2. Applicable only to users’ first Pay Bills transaction in November.
3. Promo period: November 26 – November 30, 2018
4. Subscribers must use GCash to pay a bill worth at least P100 during the promo period in order to be qualified for the incentive.
5. Subscribers can only get a prize once during the promo. GCash will use the customer’s first Pay Bills transaction during the promo period to determine if he/she is qualified for the incentive.
6. Only the first 80,000 subscribers who make a Pay Bills transaction during the promo period will qualify for the incentive.
7. The customer will get an SMS notification from KonsultaMD within 5 days from their successful Pay Bills transaction.
8. GCash reserves the right and has the authority to deny rewards for incorrect user data or fraudulent transactions. GCash is a separate entity from KonsultaMD and is not liable for any issues subscribers may experience in relation to the KonsultaMD service.


All GCash subscribers who pay a bill worth at least P100 from November 26 to 30, 2018. The bill paid during the promo period must be their first bill paid using GCash in November 2018. Users who have already paid a bill earlier in November cannot join the promo.

Pay a bill worth at least P100 using GCash from November 26 to 30, 2018.

If you are registered to GCash, then you can pay bills via GCash.

1. Download the GCash App through Google Store or App Store.
2. Register to GCash.
3. Log-in to your GCash Account.
4. Click ‘Pay Bills’ on the middle part of the screen.
6. Choose the Biller Category that applies to you.
7. Choose the biller you would like to pay.
8. Enter your bill amount under ‘Amount’ (must be at least P100 to qualify for the promo).
9. Confirm the transaction.
10. You will receive a confirmation SMS with your transaction details.

You will receive a text from KonsultaMD within 5 days from your successful Pay Bills transaction.

You will receive instructions from KonsultaMD via text message within 5 days from your successful Pay Bills transaction.

Please contact our channels for chat, for email, or 2882 to help check on your transaction details.

Cash-In through any of our online partners or GCash Partner Outlets. Simply open the GCash App and click “Cash-In” to see all the convenient online and over-the-counter options you can try, including online banking and 7-11 stores nationwide. You can also view other Cash-In options here.

Let us know via, or 2882 so we can help check your transaction. Make sure to provide proof of transaction (screenshot) and transaction reference number. If you did not receive the SMS, it might mean your transaction did not qualify due to any of the following reasons:
a. You are not qualified for this specific promo
b. You already had a pay bills transaction within November before the promo
c. Your first pay bills transaction during the promo period did not meet the minimum amount (P100)
d. Promo has reached the limit of 80,000 subscribers

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