Globe Postpaid P200 Cashback

Promo Mechanics

Get up to P200 cashback when you pay for  your first Globe Postpaid bill via GCash!

  1. Promo is open to select Globe Postpaid customers who will receive a text from Globe of their eligibility AND are FIRST-TIME Bills Payment users.
  2. Qualified GCash customers can enjoy up to P200 GCash cashback if they pay the eligible account’s outstanding balance in FULL via the Bills Payment feature of the GCash app at least 3 days before their Globe bill is due.
  3. Mobile number, and NOT account number, should be encoded upon payment of bill through the GCash app.
  4. GCash number used should be the eligible Globe Postpaid number that received a text from Globe.
  5. The P200 Gcash cashback will be awarded in two (2) rounds:
    • Round 1: P100 cashback for the first qualified payment
    • Round 2: Additional P100 cashback for those who will continue to pay 3 days before due date in their next bill


  • Only those who qualified for the initial P100 rebate can get an additional P100 rebate
  • Payments completed via GCredit are not eligible for the cashback award.
  • Cashback will be credited to the customer’s GCash account 5 working days after successful payment.
  • Maximum of P200 GCash cashback per customer for the promo period.
  • GCash has the right to withhold incentive crediting for suspicious or fraudulent transactions. Customers who have been determined to be fraudulent or abusive in any ongoing or completed GCash promotion are automatically disqualified for this GCash promo.

Frequently Asked Questions

This promo allows selected Globe Postpaid customers to earn up to P200 GCash cashback when they pay their Globe Postpaid bill via the Bills Payment feature of GCash app for the FIRST time.

An initial P100 cashback will be awarded to the customer when he pays his/her full Globe Postpaid bill via the Bills Payment feature of the GCash app at least three (3) days before due date. These subs can get an additional P100 when they pay for the Globe Postpaid bill of the same mobile number again in the succeeding month following the set mechanics.

The promo will run from September 23, 2019 to November 23, 2019.

This promo is available to select Globe Postpaid customers. Qualified customers will receive a text from Globe. Sub needs to pay their Globe Postpaid bill’s outstanding balance in FULL at least 3 days before due date via the Bills Payment feature of the Gcash app.

  1. Only those who will receive a text from Globe are qualified to join the promo and are FIRST-TIME users of the Bills Payment Feature of the GCash App.
  2. Any person or entity professionally connected with the promotion; and any person prohibited from participating in the Promotion under any statute, law, regulation, ordinance, rule, directive, guideline, policy, requirement, or other governmental restriction or any similar form of decision, or determination by, or any interpretation or administration of any of the foregoing by the Philippines or any instrumentality thereof.

No. Promo is open to new and existing GCash users who will pay for the eligible account in accordance with the set promo mechanics.

Yes, just download the GCash App and register your mobile number to join. You can download the GCash app through the Google Play Store or App Store.

  • To register:
    • Enter your mobile number
    • Input the One Time Password sent to you via SMS.
    • Fill in your personal details such as first and last name and email address.
    • Review and confirm your details.
    • Nominate a 4-digit Mobile PIN (MPIN) to use in all your GCash transactions.
    • Log-in and start using GCash.

You can cash-in to your GCash account through the following channels:

  • Online Cash-in
    • Select ‘Cash-In’ on the GCash App.
    • Choose ‘Online Banking’ to cash-in from your bank account.
    • Select your desired Bank.
    • Input the necessary details to link your bank account.
    • You can now cash-in via Online Banking.
  • Over-the-Counter
    • Go to the nearest GCash Partner Outlet to cash-in.
    • Inform the outlet that you would like to cash-in to your GCash wallet.
    • Fill out the GCash Service Form. Indicate your GCash mobile number and desired amount.
    • Present a valid ID along with your payment.
    • Wait for a text confirmation before leaving the store.
  • Machine Cash-In
    • Got to the machine and select ‘GCash Cash-In’
    • Input your 11-digit GCash mobile number
    • Enter the desired cash-in amount.
    • Insert cash payment.
    • Wait for the machine to print out a receipt.
    • Wait for SMS confirmation.
  • For more details on cashing in and GCash cash-in points, you can visit the ‘Cash-in’ option in the GCash App or visit:

None, GCash mobile number used should be the eligible Globe Postpaid number.

No, part of the promo mechanics is the encoding of mobile number instead of account number.

The GCash customer  that paid for the eligible account will get a text from GCash within 5 working days of paying the eligible Globe Postpaid. Cashback will automatically be reflected in the bill payer’s GCash wallet.

You may receive cashback for paying all eligible accounts on time, as long as mechanics are followed.

The cashback is good as cash inside the GCash wallet. He/she can use it any transaction within the GCash app (e.g. Buy Load, Send Money, Pay Bills, Shop Online and Offline, Book Movies).

The cashback has no expiry.

Please address your concern via email to or call 2882

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