1. Rebate is only applicable for GoSurf50 bought for the self – not for others
  2. Rebate is only applicable to the first purchase of GoSurf50 for the week.
  3. Customers may purchase again for the next week
  4. Promo period is from December 18 to 31.

Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 17988, Series of 2017.


What is the promo?
Purchase GoSurf50 for yourself via the GCash App and get 50% rebate!

How can I join the promo?
Make sure you are a GCash customer with the GCash App!

What if I want to buy load for other people?
GCash allows you to purchase load for other people! However, purchasing load for other people will not entitle you to 50% rebate. The 50% rebate will only apply to customers who purchase GoSurf50 for themselves.

How many times can I join the promo?
You may join the promo multiple times! However, you will only be awarded for the first GoSurf50 you purchased for yourself via app for the week!

FOR NEW ONLY: What if I’m not registered to GCash?
For new registrants, we offer a P50 promo! Register using the promo code GFIFTY and get P50!

Step 1: Look for GCash in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and install the app
Step 2: In the landing page, enter your Globe / TM mobile number then click ‘Next’.
Step 3: You will be redirected to the device authentication page and will receive a 6-digit authentication code via SMS. Enter the code you received from GCash to authenticate your device. After this, you will be prompted to register.
Step 4: You will be shown registration pages. Fill in the mandatory information in the next pages to complete the registration (Personal info and address). After this, you will be shown a page to review you details. This will also be where you will place your referrer’s referral code. Submit the details when you have confirmed the details placed. Make sure the referral code is also correct.
Step 5: You will also be asked to nominate a 4-digit MPIN that will be used to confirm future GCash transactions. Once you have entered one and verified it, click ‘Done’ to complete the registration. You will be sent an SMS confirming your successful registration once it the process has been completed.

What if I want P50 but I am already a GCash customer?
The GFIFTY promo code offering 50 is only for non-registered GCash subscribers.

How do I purchase load via the GCash App?

  1. Log-On to GCash App
  2. Select Buy Load
  3. Ensure your mobile number is the one typed in
  4. Select GoSurf50 from List
  5. Confirm

Can I just pay P25?
No, as this is a rebate, you will have to have the full P50 in your GCash wallet at the point of purchase.

When do I receive my rebate?
You will receive the rebate within 3 working days of your purchase.

Will I be alerted when I receive my rebate?
Yes! You will receive an SMS!

Who can I contact in case I don’t get my rebate?
You may contact 2882 or FB support via @gcashcare.

How do I receive the rebate?
You will receive your rebate via GCash.

I purchased and got deducted but I did not receive the surfing promo, what should I do?
You may contact 2882 or FB support via @gcashcare.

Will I be notified if I have fully consumed my surfing promo?
You will be notified via Globe. Remember, you are purchasing Globe SKUs via the GCash App as a platform. GCash is not responsible for alerts regarding your promo.

Will the cut off dates be published or shared to customers?
Yes, cut off dates will be shared to customers.

Will there be an SMS blast for this? What will be the database and spiel?
Yes, this is to follow.

I have multiple GCash accounts, can I avail the promo for all?
Yes, as long as your SIM is registered to GCash, you can avail of this promo.

Can I purchase the surfing promo more than once even when I have not fully consumed the data? Will it be top up?
Yes, you can – but the rebate will not apply on your second same-week purchase.