How to Survive Petsa de Peligro

It’s been a week since your last paycheck, which only means one thing – petsa de peligro is coming up. Luckily, we have a couple of suggestions on how to survive this scary period in every working person’s life!

Skip the snacks
It’s tempting to make up for work stress by going out and eating a ton of unhealthy chips or fried food while sitting down on your desk. Did you know that 33% of food eaten out of home by Filipinos are afternoon snacks? Imagine how much that costs! Do yourself a favor and destress by chatting with your officemates or talking a short walk around the office. Not only will you save money, you’ll also get some free exercise!

Double-check your room
You never know, you might have some coins and bills randomly strewn around the house. Pants pockets, bags, and car compartments are some common places where you can find money unexpectedly. Putting together several stacks of coins may allow you to survive for another day!

Take advantage of free things
There are freebies everywhere, you just have to look! Maybe your friend who’s eating out has packed lunch she can share. Maybe there’s a company event where they’re giving out free prizes. You just need a bit of persistence and curiosity, and you can snag yourself cool clothes, pens, and supplies while spending absolutely nothing.

Eat cheap lunches
For the working person, lunch is undoubtedly the most expensive meal of the day. But even while waiting for the next paycheck, there’s no need to sacrifice tasty food. You can still have delicious and cheap lunches at fast-food restaurants like Jollibee, BonChon, or KFC. If you’re extra hungry, take advantage of small food hacks such as buying a 1-pc. chicken value meal and 1-pc. chicken ala carte meal (P179.30) versus a 2-pc. chicken value meal (P180.40).

You can also pay for these lunches with GCash QR! Just open the GCash App, select Pay QR, and scan to pay at any of our partner merchants. Plus, you also receive a cashback for each transaction to help you survive petsa de peligro.

So what are you waiting for? Download the GCash App now!