Huggies on Lazada Promo

Promo Mechanics

  1. Collect P100 and P200 Lazada Vouchers on Lazada’s Vouchers and Discounts page for purchases on the Huggies Lazada Store
  2. Min. spend of P1000 and P1500 respectively
  3. Users can start collecting from October 2 and can use the voucher from October 2-4, 2019
  4. Valid for all products on Huggies’ Lazada Store
  5. Users can collect the vouchers from the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

Collect P100 and P200 Lazada Vouchers for the Huggies Store on Lazada

Users can collect and redeem the vouchers from October 2-4, 2019

The min. spends for the vouchers are P1000 and P1500 respectively 

All users who transact on Huggies’ Lazada Store with GCash as long as they redeem the collectible voucher in the vouchers page 

The voucher can be collected on the vouchers page of Lazada

  • P100 voucher:
  • P200 voucher:


No, this voucher does not come with a code. Simply collect on the vouchers page to be able to use it.  

Simply collect the voucher then select GCash as a payment method during checkout for it to be automatically applied.

No, you may only either use a voucher code or a collectible voucher.

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