Invest Money, Get P50 Cashback!

  1. Selected GCash users will receive cashback (rebate) for subscribing to a fund in Invest Money Beta for the first time. Promo is open to selected GCash on Messenger users.
  2. Selected users will be entitled to the P50 cashback if he/she subscribes to a fund in Invest Money Beta for the first time during the promo period.
  3. Users entitled to the P50 cashback will be identified using their registered GCash numbers.
  4. Eligible users are informed about the promo via a Messenger prompt.
  5. The incentives and cashbacks will be seeded to the entitled users’ GCash accounts.
  6. An SMS notification will be sent to users who are entitled to the cashback after it is seeded to their GCash wallets on the same day.
  1. Cashback Promo: Get P50 cashback when you subscribe to a fund in Invest Money for the first time during the promo period.
  2. Promo period: Feb 18-22
  3. Only selected users who have received the SMS about the promo are eligible for the cashback. Cashbacks will be seeded to participating users on or before Feb 26.

February 18-22, 2019.

You are valid to join this promo if you are part of the selected GCash users. Selected users are sent a sponsored message on Messenger to inform them about the promo.

If you are one of the selected users, you can get the P50 cashback by subscribing, for the first time in GCash Invest Money during the promo period.

The cashback is P50 fixed, seeded only once to every unique participating user.

The P50 minimum investment is the same minimum transaction amount for this promo.

1. Just open your GCash App, tap “Show more” and open “Invest Money”
2. Simply proceed with registration by reviewing your personal details, including the risk profiling questionnaire which tells you what type of investor you are.
3. Once submitted, we’ll update you via an SMS and email notification when your registration is approved. Then you can start using Invest Money.

1.Select an investment fund available in the app and click ‘Subscribe.’

2. Agree to the Risk Profile Waiver, if applicable.

3. Confirm that you have read and understood the Key Investor Information Disclosure Statement (KIIDS), Risk Disclosure Statement, and Participation Trust Agreement. You can know more about and view these documents on ATRAM’s website

4.Enter the code that you will be sent to you via SMS.

5.Enter the amount you wish to invest.

6.Check the transaction details before confirming your subscription order and read the important disclaimers.

7.Your GCash wallet will be instantly debited of your subscription amount and you will receive an SMS notification that your subscription order has been placed/submitted. In this SMS, you will also see the approximate details of your subscription (Actual Subscription Amount, Approximate NAVPU, Approximate # of Units).