1. Buy P50 Puregold vouchers for P25; buy siomai, siopao and ice cream for P5 only
2. Puregold vouchers to be sold from 3-6PM on May 23; Siomai, siopao and ice cream to be sold from 12-3PM
3. Valid with GCash as a payment method only
4. Valid on May 22 (Siomai, Siopao and Ice Cream) and 23 (Puregold), 2019 only
5. Users may buy up to 5 vouchers each for May 22; 2 vouchers each for May 23

  1. What is the promo? Buy P50 Puregold vouchers for P25; Buy 7-Eleven Siomai, Ice Cream or Siopao House Siomai for P5 each
  2. When will the promo be available? The promo will be available on May 23, 2019 – Puregold vouchers will be sold from 3-6PM; Siomai (12-3PM), Ice Cream (3-6PM) and Siopao (6-9PM) will be sold on May 22, 2019.
  3. Where can I buy these discounted items? You can find these items in Lazada’s Flash Sale category on the Lazada app or website.
  4. Does my payment method need to be GCash when buying the vouchers? Yes, you must use GCash as a payment method when buying the vouchers.
  5. Who is eligible to take part in the promo? Any customer using GCash as a payment method is eligible.
  6. Is there a maximum number of vouchers I can buy? Yes, you can only buy up to 5 vouchers at the discounted price.
  7. What happens if I buy more than the maximum number of vouchers? If more than 5 vouchers are bought, price will return to the original price.
  8. How much are the vouchers worth and how much are they being sold for? The Puregold voucher is worth P50 and will be sold for P20; the siopao, siomai and ice cream will all be sold for P5.
  9. When and how will I receive the vouchers that I bought? You will receive the vouchers via SMS from Share Treats within the day.
  10. Do the vouchers have an expiration date? The validity is at least 3 months.
  11. What branches can I redeem these at? Puregold vouchers can be redeemed at any Puregold. 7-Eleven vouchers can be redeemed at their participating branches found here.