Lazada is now on GCash!

How to Use

Frequently Asked Questions

You can access Lazada in the GCash App by clicking the Lazada Icon on the dashboard!

No, you do not need to have an existing Lazada account. You can sign up for a Lazada account on Lazada in the GCash App.

Yes, you can use your existing Lazada account to shop on Lazada in the GCash App. However, you must make sure that any GCash account linked to that Lazada account should be the same GCash number where you are accessing Lazada. If there is a different GCash mobile number linked to that Lazada account, you will not be able to sign in.

Yes, you may use any Lazada account to shop on Lazada in the GCash App as long as the GCash number linked to it is the same as the GCash number you are using or there is no currently linked GCash account.

Yes, the account that you create can be used on any of Lazada’s platforms.

You can buy any of the flash sale items displayed. No other parts of Lazada will be available other than Flash Sale.

No, only GCash is available as a payment method on Lazada inside the GCash App.

If you do not have enough funds, you will not be able to proceed with payment. You will have to cash-in to your GCash account.

When making the payment and selecting GCash as your payment method, you will be prompted to do the following to link your GCash account:

  • Input mobile number
  • Input OTP
  • Input MPIN
  • Click “Agree and Pay”

Linking happens during payment.

If another GCash account is already linked to your Lazada account, you will not be able to proceed with logging in. To proceed using your current GCash App, you will have to unlink the other GCash account from your Lazada account.

To unlink your GCash account, you must go to the Lazada App.

Follow the steps below:

No, if you log out of GCash, you will still be logged in your Lazada account when you log back into your GCash App.

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