Live Worry-Free By Avoiding These Misadventures

In any given day, we commute, work, entertain ourselves, and manage to get home safely, enjoying the comfort of family and friends. Most of the time we go through our routines unconsciously, but sometimes we catch ourselves thinking intrusive thoughts: what if I stumbled through this open manhole? What if I tripped along these stairs?

These fears are morbid, irrational, and yet totally normal for us urban-dwellers. And so we’ve compiled a list of intrusive thoughts that bug and bind us all, so you’re reassured that you’re not alone.

Getting crushed by elevator doors

We always ask for faster elevators, but we should actually raise more demand for sensor-laden elevator doors. Being caught between closing elevator doors can be a painful and embarrassing experience. Be nice and always hold the elevator door for someone: you never know when you’ll need that favor back.

Falling onto the train tracks

The rush hour lines at the MRT, LRT, and PNR are bad enough. People jostling you when you’re trying to stand behind the yellow safety line on the platform is worse. We all need personal space between us and the incoming train, okay?

Sliding off your motorcycle ride

Motorcycle ride-hailing services can be a time-saver. They’ve brought us to our destinations fine, but we still couldn’t help but think of the smallest chance we could fall off. The next time you hail a bike ride from Makati to QC or wherever, thank your driver’s navigation skills by giving them a tip.

Your gadget exploding

Ah, the grandfather of all tech scares: your phone, laptop, or any other electronic device explodes into toast while you’re using it. You may have heard the news of tablets self-destructing in-flight and quickly checked to make sure it wasn’t your tablet model. Don’t worry, as long as we keep our gadgets from overheating or overcharging, we’re all probably fine. Probably.

Getting sick from street food