GCash Mastercard Store FAQ

Visit https://www.gcash.com/mc-store/orders and provide the necessary details to avail of the card. Take not that you must be a Globe / TM GCash user with a verified account.

  • You can cash-out your GCash balance in over 20,000 BancNet/Mastercard ATMs nationwide
  • You can shop in websites and stores where credit and debit cards are accepted

To order, you only need to provide the following information on the order page:

  1. GCash mobile number (must be a verified account)
  2. Full Name (must be same as their verified GCash account name)
  3. Home address (must be same as their verified GCash account permanent address)
  4. Delivery address (optional, in case user does not live in the provided permanent address

Take note that in order to purchase online, you must have a verified Globe or TM GCash account.

If you have not verified your account previously, you can apply for a full verification by filling up this form: https://www.gcash.com/mc-store/verify.

The fee is the SRP of P150. No delivery fee added.

If you provided your verification details and did not push through with the video call, you are only partially verified. This level of verification expires after a 6-month trial period, and yours may have already expired. If this is the case, complete your video call so you can purchase and link your card. To do this, message https://www.facebook.com/jen.gcash.75 or m.me/jen.gcash.75 that you will be completing your verification process.

We will start processing your card delivery upon successful deduction of the P150 fee. Delivery happen within 10 working days after successful payment.

We highly encourage you to claim your own card and provide identification (any valid ID) to support that you are the intended recipient. In case you are not able to personally receive the card, you can write an authorization letter and provide any of your valid ID.

In order to use the Mastercard, you need to activate it with your account. To do this, with your GCash number, dial *143#, select GCash > 2 GCash Card > 1 Activate Card, then fill in the necessary details from your GCash Mastercard. Don’t worry! The card also comes with instructions on how activate and what you can do with your GCash Mastercard once you have linked your card.

You can call the GCash hotline (2882 or (02) 782-2882), email support@gcash.com or message m.me/gcashcare to check on the status of your card.