GCash Merchant Referral Program

What is the Merchant Referral Program?

An Initiative by GCash to Empower Merchants with More Ways of Earning

  • Must be a GCash QR Partner Merchant
  • Merchants can earn Php50 for referring their customers to join GCash
  • Top performing merchants can win a kitchen showcase
  • Merchants and customers should be fully verified GCash users

Merchant Referral Program Opportunities

Referring Customers to GCash
Total Referrals Incentives
10 Php 500
20 Php 500
30 Php 500
40 Php 500
50 Php 500
Total Php 2,500

Total Number of Referrals Prizes
20 Electric Kettle
40 Butane Gas Stove
60 Electric Fan
80 PHP1,000 worth of groceries
90 Rice Cooker
100 Oven Toaster

Terms and Conditions

  1. The GCash Merchant referral program is open only to selected GCash App users. However, users who have been determined to be fraudulent or abusive in any ongoing or completed GCash promotion are automatically disqualified from the referral program.
  2. The Merchant will receive Php50 for every successful referral. The Merchant must use the H5 Link given to them by GCash for their referrals to be valid.
  3. Definition of terms:
    1. Merchant – a Merchant that accepts Scan to Pay (QR Code) in their shop.
    2. Referral – a non-GCash user who registers using the referral code shared by the Merchant.
  4. The Referral must register using the Merchant’s referral code.
  5. Referral must be a new unique GCash user. A unique customer is determined by GCash based on information customers have consented to provide GCash. For example, a customer who uses multiple account(s) or SIM(s) will be treated as one unique customer.
  6. The referral bonus will be as follows:
    1. The Merchant and Referral will receive P50 worth of freebies, 5 business days after a valid referral.
    2. The Merchant will receive kitchen showcase prizes for hitting Referral Milestones.
  7. GCash, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse the awarding of rewards for suspicion of abuse or fraud.
  8. For more information visit: https://www.gcash.com/merchantreferralprogram