P30 Million worth of prizes to win

in Merry GCash!

Promo Mechanics

Merry GCash! Over 30 million pesos in prizes to be given away via raffle and surprise gifts starting Dec 7 until Dec 21, 2020. 

Daily Gifts

Get a GCash gift of your choice when you do any of the following tasks! Enjoy even MORE prizes during the Supercharged Period on Dec 19-21,2020!

GCash Transactions to do Min. Spend
Buy Load Php 70
Online Payments Php 200
GCredit Php 600
Send with a Clip Php 500


GCash gifts to choose from per transaction:

Prize Amount SUPERCHARGED Amount
GSave Coins Php 15 Php 40
Load Voucher Php 30 (min spend Php150) Php 50 (min spend Php250)
QR Voucher Php 50 (min spend Php500) Php 100 (min spend Php1000)
Mystery Gift Php 5-5000 (min spend Php150) Php 10-5000 (min spend Php250)

Grand Raffle

Earn tickets daily when you transact on GCash to win the prize of your choice in the Grand Raffle draw on Dec 23, 2020. Do as many as you can daily from Dec 7-21,2020 to get a bigger chance to win! (Total tickets earned is capped at 10 tickets earned per day.)

NOTE: You will not be eligible to join the raffle until you choose which prize you want to win in the Christmas page on the app!

Transaction # of Tickets earned per day*
Buy Load 1
Bank Transfer 1
Online payment to foodpanda 3
Online payment to Google Playstore / App Store 5
Other Online payments 1
Pay Bills 1
Scan to Pay 1
Deposit to GSave 3
GInsure 3
GInvest 3

Get x2 the amount of tickets during Supercharged Period on Dec 19-21,2020! (Total tickets during Supercharged period is capped at 20 tickets per day)

Raffle Prizes to choose from:

Prize Max # of winners
Sony 55″ TV 30
Panasonic CW N820JPH Aircon 50
Acer NBK A514 40
iPad 8th gen. 60
Samsung Galaxy A51 Cellphone 50
Nintendo Switch v1/v2 50

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