GInsure Online Shopping Insurance

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Product Description

What is Online Shopping Insurance?

In the event of an online marketplace fraud, get reimbursed for loss of funds from your GCash wallet, up to the maximum insured amount per plan.

  • Safe shopping
    You’ll be protected against fraud when you shop and pay with GCash.
  • Affordable plans
     Affordable plans according to your budget and coverage needs.

Disclaimer: Policy holders can file claims up until they reach the benefit amount indicated on the table. Once the given amount is reached, the policy will automatically expire. Any claims to be filled will not be considered valid. 

  • Flexible subscription
    You’ll have an option to choose to get protected monthly by auto renewal of your plan. The amount will be automatically charged to your GCash account if Auto-Renewal is on.

Note: This product is currently available only to Android users.

Frequently Asked Questions

You were dishonestly induced into an online marketplace transaction paid with your GCash wallet, as described by the following:

  1. Goods not delivered
    • You did not receive the goods you ordered online within the committed delivery date. The seller is also unreachable for 72 hours from the day you have raised your concern.
  2.  Partial delivery
    • Only part of your order is delivered, and the seller is unreachable for 72 hours from the day you have raised your concern.
  3. Fake goods received
    • You ordered authentic goods online and received fake items. You requested a return, but the seller did not allow a refund.

The policy does not cover loss arising from:

  1. Abnormal Conditions 
    • State of emergency as declared by the local authorities
    • Mass cyber-attack
    • Other abnormal conditions
  2.  Business Activities
    • Activities carried out by you for trade, business or professional purposes
    • Includes any loss connected to an account with a financial institution that is used for such purposes
  3.  Infrastructure Failure 
    • Outage in or disruption of electrical power or telecommunications services operated by a third-party service provider
  4.  Confidence Scams 
    • Confidence trick involving feigned intentions towards you, to gain your confidence or affections, and then using that goodwill to commit fraud
    • Examples include romantic intentions, investments, contracts and loans
  5.  Currency 
    • Unregulated digital currency of any kind
    • Unregulated virtual currency of any kind
    • Unregulated cryptocurrency of any kind
  6.  Dishonest Acts 
    • Dishonest, criminal, malicious or fraudulent acts that you willingly participated in or directed
  7.  Indirect or Consequential Loss 
    • Any indirect or consequential loss of any nature, except as expressly provided for in policy

All Fully Verified GCash users may buy this product.

GCash users who availed of the Online shopping Insurance.

You can buy a maximum of 1 plan per month (since these are monthly plans). Once the plan expires, you will be receiving an email notification.

If you have opted for auto-renewal, your plan will be automatically renewed after 1 month if there is sufficient balance in your GCash wallet for deduction.



To file a claim, please submit requirements through the GInsure section of the GCash app and tap My Insurance Products. Click on your plan to access the Policy Page where you can submit documents and track the status of your claim.

Required Documents:

  1. One (1) Valid Proof of purchase. You may submit a screenshot of either of the following:
    • GCash transaction receipt in the app transaction history or,
    • SMS confirmation of GCash transaction
  2.  Police report

Note: Only GCash transaction receipt and/or SMS are valid proof of purchase. Other receipts aside from the screenshot from the GCash in-app transaction history or SMS confirmation of GCash transaction will not be accepted. 

Upon passing Igloo’s evaluation your funds will be released within 3 business days upon receipt of the request for claim and completion of documents.

You will be notified via e-mail once the request has been received and if you need to submit additional documents.

Once you receive an email notification that your claim was approved, the amount will be automatically credited to your GCash Account.

Your claim can be rejected due to the following reasons:

  1. Incomplete documents submitted.
  2. Documents submitted were blurred.
  3. Invalid detail/s and document/s were provided.
  4. Scenarios is not covered by this policy.

An email notification will be sent regarding the result of your Claim Request. The reason for rejecting the request will be also indicated.


These plans are non-refundable. Once the plan is paid, it cannot be canceled and refunded. However, to avoid being credited monthly, kindly make sure that Auto-renewal is turned off.

Auto-renewal is an option available upon choosing your preferred coverage or by going to the product policy details. You can turn off the auto-renewal by following these steps:

1. Go to Manage My Insuranc