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GCash Remit

Send money from abroad and receive it anywhere in the Philippines

(Content taken from FAQs page)

Why you should use GCash Remit:

It’s a fast, affordable (compared to other cash pick-up services), convenient and secure method of remitting money!

The recipient/s don’t have to be a Globe/ TM customer, but if the recipient has a Globe/TM mobile phone, he or she will get an automatic SMS informing them of the remittance and the GCash Remit REFERENCE CODE

How it works:

The sender must go to a GCash Remit-accredited remittance partner (either abroad or local), fill out the partner’s remittance form, present a valid ID, pay, and then finally receive a receipt with a reference code, which should be passed to the recipient of the amount remitted.

If the recipient has an active mobile number, sender may provide the recipient’s mobile number to the remittance partner. The recipient will receive an SMS notification which bears the reference code. The recipient can then go to any GCash Remit outlet that accepts GCash Remit payouts in the Philippines only, fill out the GCash Service Form and present a valid ID before receiving the money.

Note: The sender pays the service fee for the money transfer. Service fee abroad depends on the partner’s pricing while locally, sender pays a fee depending on the amount sent.

You may refer to the table below for the local service fee details:

Perang Padala Remittance Fee
Php 1.00 – Php 200.00 Php 10.00
Php 201.00 – Php 1,000.00 Php 50.00
Php 1,001.00 – Php 2,000.00 Php 100.00
Php 2,001.00 – Php 5,000.00 Php 150.00
Php 5,001.00 and above Php 200.00

Should the recipient be registered to GCash to claim the remittance?

The recipient need not be registered to GCash to claim the remittance and need not be a Globe/TM customer either. Even recipients without a mobile phone can claim a GCash Remit remittance.

How will the recipient know that there’s a remittance to be claimed?

If the recipient has a mobile number, he will receive an SMS message from Access Number 2887 informing him of the remittance. This assumes that the sender has provided the recipient’s mobile number to the remittance partner where he made the transaction. The SMS message from 2887 contains the transaction reference number which the recipient would need to claim the remittance.

2887: “Punta na kayo sa GCash Remit outlet para kunin ang inyong remittance. Ipakita ang ref. no.AB123456 at ID. Call 2882 para malaman ang GCash Remit outlet na malapit sa inyo.

Translated as, “Go to any GCash Remit outlet to claim you remittance. Please present your ref. no. AB123456 and ID. You may call 2882 to learn which GCash Remit outlet is near your place.”

If the recipient does not have a mobile number, the sender will have to be the one to inform the recipient of the transaction reference code.

Where can the recipient claim the remittance?

The remittance can be claimed at any GCash Remit outlet accepting GCash Remit payouts. The recipient can call 2882 toll-free from his Globe/TM mobile phone or 739-2882 from a landline to know where the nearest GCash Remit outlet is.

Is there a service fee for this transaction?

The recipient will not be charged any service fee when he claims the remittance.

What does the recipient need to present in order to claim the remittance?

The recipient has to bring with him the transaction reference code, as well as a valid ID. He cannot authorize another person to claim the remittance on his behalf. The full name of the recipient and his address, which you encode in GCash Wire Portal, has to match the same information on the recipient’s ID.

The recipient has received a notice from 2887 regarding a remittance through GCash Remit. Why wasn’t it accepted at the GCash outlet?

After the SMS message has been sent to the recipient, the sender can still cancel the transaction by going to the remittance partner where he made the transaction. If the sender decides to cancel the transaction, the recipient will get a message from 2887 informing him of the cancellation. In case the recipient does not have a Globe/TM mobile phone, the sender has to inform the recipient about the cancellation.

2887: “Sorry, ang inyong remittance na may ref. no. WC167692 ay hindi na maaaring ma-claim. Mabuting makipag-ugnayan po kayo sa sender sa lalong madaling panahon.”

Translated as, “Sorry, but your remittance under ref. no. WC167692 is not available anymore. You may contact your sender regarding this the soonest.”

Here are other possible reasons:

  • The beneficiary provided an incomplete or incorrect reference code to the outlet.
  • The sender provided the wrong name or address and the discrepancy is major.
  • The beneficiary presented an invalid ID or has no ID at all.

Will the recipient be charged for the SMS message received from 2887?

The recipient will not be charged for the message from 2887.