GCash QR2018-02-22T13:45:28+00:00

Scan to Pay with GCash QR

Convenience with your smartphone as your wallet!

How do I use GCash QR?2018-08-14T06:03:46+00:00

To use GCash QR simply:

  1. Click on Pay QR on the main page
  2. Tap on the “Scan QR Code” Icon
  3. Align the camera at the cashier’s QR code
  4. Once the app detects and identifies the merchant, input the total amount of your purchase
  5. Confirm
  6. Both you and the cashier will receive an SMS from 2882, which will serve as your receipt
What is GCash QR?2018-08-14T03:55:24+00:00

GCash QR, or Scan to Pay, is a seamless way to use your GCash funds to make purchases over the counter by scanning a QR code.