GCredit Privacy Consent

I agree that CIMB BANK PHILIPPINES INC., directly or through its partners, may collect, process, use and store my personal and sensitive personal information including my photographs, fingerprints, other biometric data (e.g., facial recognition and voice recognition), mobile number/s, employment details, income and financial data, credit standing, loan payment history, and other information required in my application for products. I authorize CIMB to share said information to individual entities within the CIMB Group; CIMB’s merchants; and  partners/vendors, for as long as my records and personal/sensitive personal information are required and/or allowed by law to be retained and processed, whether for my protection or for the protection and pursuit of the legitimate interests and/or business purposes of the CIMB, such as and for: processing for credit investigation, credit scoring, data analytics, collection, automated processing of the loan, data profiling, and direct marketing of products and services of the Bank and its Partners.