BPI Anniversary Cash In Promo!

Link your BPI account and cash in with a minimum of Php 2,000.00 and get a chance to be one of the 171 winners of Php 1,000!

Promo ends in

Promo Mechanics

  1.  This promo is open to new and existing GCash users with linked BPI accounts on their GCash app.
  2. Login to your GCash account and go to Cash In
  3. Link your BPI account to your GCash account. Visit this link for further instructions.
  4. Cash In a minimum of P2,000 via your linked BPI account within the promo period to qualify for a raffle ticket.
  5. GCash will send an SMS to all eligible entries and will be conducting a raffle draw 7 days after promo period ends.
    *Winners will be informed via SMS sent by GCash and will receive another SMS once P1,000 prize is credited to their GCash wallets. User can only win once for this promo.

Frequently Asked Questions

This promo gives users who cash in a minimum amount of PhP2,000.00 in one transaction. from a linked BPI account during the promo period a chance to win PhP1,888.00. In addition, you must not have cashed in from a linked BPI account since June 30, 2022 until the promo period in order to qualify.

The promo will run from August 15 to September 15, 2022

You must cash in from your linked BPI Account using the GCash app at least PhP2,000.00 in a single transaction during the promo period.

You qualify for this raffle if you:
-Cashed in a minimum amount of PhP2,000.00 during the promo period
-Cashed in using your linked BPI account during the promo period. BPI’s InstaPay and Load E-wallet services are not included in this promo
-Cashed in during the promo period for the first time since June 30, 2022

The raffle draw will be done 10 business days after the end of the promo period. Prizes will then be credited to the GCash accounts of the winners 30 business days after the raffle draw.

A draw will be conducted 10 business days after the promo period. Winners will then be announced and will have the prize credited to their GCash accounts 7 business days after the draw. Each winner will receive an SMS to inform them that they have won.

Should you win, the prize will be credited to your GCash account 7 business days after the raffle draw.

No, you will not qualify for this promo. This promo is only open to users that cash in via their linked BPI account.