Enjoy a P111 discount per unique customer when you claim the Puregold – GCash promo voucher and spend a minimum of P1,111 via GCash QR in Puregold stores.

Promo is valid on November 11, 2018 only.

The GCash – Puregold 11/11 promo is available in all Puregold stores.

Open to all existing and new GCash App users. However, customers who have been determined to be fraudulent or abusive in any ongoing or completed GCash promotion are automatically disqualified for this GCash cashback/discount promotion.

Customers can get the discount by scanning the GCash – Puregold Promo QR found inside Puregold stores and using it as a payment option when using GCash QR while paying at Puregold.

The discount is fixed at P111 when customers use GCash Promo QR.

Moreover, earned cashbacks/discount from this GCash discount promotion will be counted in the unique customer’s total cumulative cashbacks/discounts, capped at P1,000.00 for the month, along with any other ongoing GCash QR promotions as applicable.

For example: Customer has already earned P1000 in cashback from different GCash QR cashback/discount promotions as of November 3. On November 11, customer scans to pay P1,111 in Puregold. Customer will not earn any cashbacks anymore because customer has already reached the P1000.000 cap.

If the total cumulative cashback/discount cap has been met anytime within the month, the unique customer will only begin earning cashbacks or getting discounts again at the next calendar month as applicable.

The minimum transaction amount is P1,111.

Yes, as long as a GCash QR transaction is made. (e.g Seniors are entitled to a 20% discount. If the customer’s discounted amount paid is at least P150, they will be entitled to the discount.) However, customers that avail of this one-time P111 discount are not eligible to receive cashbacks for their
discounted transactions.

Customers can send a message at https://www.facebook.com/gcashcare/ or email support@gcash.com.

1. Download the GCash app on your smartphone and sign up to GCash.
2. Cash-in at any GCash Partner Outlet.
3. Tap the “Pay QR” icon, or swipe left to open the QR scanner.
4. Scan to promo promo QR found in the merchant’s store, or any of the GCash promotional materials found online to claim the discount voucher. This promo QR is different from the QR scanned when paying.
5. Go to any Puregold store.
6. Order item/s that amount to the at least P1,111 (minimum spend requirement for this promo).
7. Open the GCash App, and scan to pay using GCash QR selecting the Puregold voucher and GCash balance or GCredit as payment sources to pay for your order.

1. Download the GCash App on your smartphone and sign up, or update the GCash App to the latest version and login.
2. Click “Pay QR” on the dashboard, then click “Scan QR Code” to access the QR scanner. You can also swipe left from the dashboard to access the scanner immediately.
3. Scan the participating merchant’s QR code during payment.
4. Input the amount to be paid as stated by the merchant’s POS and cashier.
5. Confirm the payment details of the transaction.
6. Upon success of payment, an SMS will be received by the customer and the merchant front liner indicating that payment has been done.

Please have the merchant contact GCash for verification of the transaction.