1. Open to all Globe and TM mobile number owners nationwide.
  2. During the promo period, GCash customers who have successfully transferred funds from their RCBC accounts to GCash through the GCash App will receive P100 in GCash funds. The P100 amount will be sent via GCash to the customer’s mobile number within 7 working days of his funds transfer.
  3. Customer must be a verified GCash user to use the service and qualify for the promo.
  4. P100 incentive can only be awarded for a customer’s first RCBC to GCash transfer. The customer must also use the GCash App for the transfer
  5. Promo Period: November 1 – 31, 2017. Deadline to earn the P100 incentive is on November 30, 11:59PM.

*Per DTI-FTEB no. 17241, Series of 2017


Who can join the promo?
The promo is open to all Globe and TM subscribers nationwide who are registered to GCash and are verified.

How can I join the promo?
The customer must transfer funds from his RCBC Account to GCash from November 1 – 31, 2017. To be able to transfer your funds from RCBC to GCash, you must:

  1. Be registered to GCash
  2. Have your GCash account verified
  3. Link your GCash and RCBC Accounts

How do I register to GCash?
Download the GCash App, click ‘Register’ on the log in page and enter the necessary details. Make sure that your active SIM is your Globe/TM SIM. To log in, simply enter your MPIN which you nominated during registration.

Step 1: Look for GCash in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and install the app
Step 2: In the landing page, enter your Globe / TM mobile number then click ‘Next’. You will be prompted to register. Click ‘Register’ to proceed.
Step 3: Fill in the mandatory information in the next pages to complete the registration. You will also be asked to nominate a 4-digit MPIN that will be used to confirm future GCash transactions. Click ‘Submit’ to complete the registration.
Note: Your GCash mobile number must be the activated SIM in your phone to ensure a successful app registration. Registration is the only step that requires the SIM in your mobile phone.

Wait for the confirmation message that will be sent to your Globe phone before logging in.

How can I be verified?
You can visit any Globe Store or Villarica branch and bring a valid ID to be verified (or KYC’d). You can also visit for online verification.

How do I link my RCBC and GCash accounts?
To link your RCBC and GCash Accounts, do the following steps:
Step 1: Using your Globe/TM Mobile Phone, dial *119#. Press 2 to select RCBC then 1 to select Registration.
Step 2: Select the Account Type of the RCBC Account you are linking then enter your 16-digit RCBC Account Number. You must be an RCBC account holder (RCBC Savings Bank account holders cannot avail of this service. You will then receive a bank reference number via SMS.
Step 3: Login to your RCBC Online Banking account
Step 4: Click Buy Load on your RCBC Online Banking Dashboard
Step 5: Select GCash under e-money
Step 6: Click Activation
Step 7: Enter the Bank Reference Number that you have received via SMS and click Search
Step 8: Check if Cellphone Number and Account number being enrolled is correct
Step 9: Create and Confirm your 6-digit RCBC MPIN and Click Submit
Step 10: Read the Terms and Conditions and click Agree

How do I transfer funds from RCBC to GCash?
To transfer from RCBC to GCash, you must be GCash verified and you must link your RCBC and GCash accounts. Below are the steps to transfer:
Step 1: Login to your GCash App
Step 2: Go to ‘Cash-In’ and select ‘RCBC to GCash’ among the options
Step 4: Enter your 6-digit RCBC MPIN. In the next screen, enter the amount to transfer and the choose the Source Account to be transferred from
Step 5: Confirm the details and submit the request. You will receive an SMS to confirm your funds transfer.

When will I be able to receive my prize?
You will be able to receive your P100 within 7 days after your registration.

How will I get my P100?
We will send you the P100 via GCash. Once we have sent your prize, you will receive an SMS with the message:
“You have received P100.00 of GCash from on . Your new balance is P. Ref. No. XXXXXXXXXX.” OR “Your GCASH wallet has been adjusted by P100.00 on . Your new balance is . Ref. no. XXXXXXXXXX.”

Until when can I get the Php100?
Only customers who transferred from RCBC to GCash using the GCash App during November 1 – 31, 2017 will be able to get Php100. Transfer funds during the promo period to get the P100 prize.