[Save Money] Double your Savings this December!

Promo Mechanics

  • This promo is open to all Save Money users.
  • The GCash transactions must be done via the GCash App.
  • Promo period is from December 8, 2019 to December 31, 2019
  • Ten (10) raffle winners will be eligible to double the amount they deposited
  • Users must deposit at least P50.00 during the promo period to be eligible for a prize
  • Every P50 worth of deposits in Save Money = 1 raffle entry; every P50 worth of savings gets a user an additional raffle entry. No need to make multiple deposits.
  • User does not have to deposit P50 more than once to get more raffle entries. Entire deposit amount during the promo period is automatically computed for.
  • Maximum prize amount is capped at P20,000.00.
  • The higher the amount you deposit in your Save Money account, the more chances of winning! For every Php50 deposited during the promo period, you get one unique raffle entry.
    • Example 1:
      • Juan has P10,000.00 in his Save Money account on December 1, prior to the promo period
      • Juan deposits P50.00 in his Save Money account.
      • Juan has one raffle entry.
      • Juan wins the raffle. 
      • Juan gets P10,050.00 in prize money
    • Example 2:
      • Juan has never used Save Money.
      • Juan deposits P10,000 for the first time on December 15, during the promo period. 
      • Juan receives 200 raffle entries (10,000/50) and gets two hundred (200) chances of doubling their deposit up to Php 20,0000 if he/she is selected as a winner!
    • Example 3:
      • Juan deposits P50 into Save Money for the first time
      • He receives 1 raffle entry (50 / 1) and gets one (1) chance of double their deposit and will get a chance to receive P100 if he is selected as a winner!
    • The amount of prize money will be determined by users’ Save Money account balance as of December 30, 2019 11:59:59 PM. 
    • Example 1:
      • Juan wins the raffle. On December 30, 2019 11:59:59 PM, Juan had P10,000.00 in his Save Money account. Juan will be given P10,000.00 in prize money.
    • Example 2:
      • Juan wins the raffle. On December 30, 2019 11;59:59PM, Juan has P100,000.00 in his Save Money account. Juan will win P20,000.00 because that’s the maximum amount possible to win. 
    • GCash reserves the right and has the authority to deny rewards for incorrect user data, fraudulent transactions, infringement on the terms of use, or other illegal actions as mandated by Philippine law.
    • Prizes are tax-free.
    • The raffle draw will be on December 31, 2019, inside the Mynt Office Premises at 8th Floor, W Global Center, 9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City.
    • Users will be seeded the raffle prizes within 14 working days after the raffle draw.

Frequently Asked Questions

Deposit at least P50.00 in Save Money & get a chance to double your savings! Every P50.00 = one raffle entry. Winners can double their savings up to P20,000.

Any registered user of Save Money.

Deposit and keep at least P50.00 in your Save Money account. The higher your savings, the more chances of winning.

You will be contacted via SMS if you won the promo. Your prize will be seeded to your Piggybank within 14 business days and you will receive an SMS once it has been sent out.

Yes, the following individuals are not eligible to join the promo: 

Employees, affiliates, subsidiary companies and representatives of GCash. Partner agents of GCash including their affiliates and subsidiary companies. 

Any person or entity professionally connected with the promotion; and any person prohibited from participating in the Promotion under any statute, law, regulation, ordinance, rule, directive, guideline, policy, requirement, or other governmental restriction or any similar form of decision, or determination by, or any interpretation or administration of any of the foregoing by the Philippines or any instrumentality thereof. 

Users who engage in this or any form or promo abuse will be barred from future promotional activities.

Users get rewarded once only.

Your raffle prize will be seeded to your Piggy Bank in Save Money within 14 business days after the raffle draw. You may convert it to cash by transferring to your savings account.

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