Now you can scan to pay at 7-Eleven branches nationwide!

Scan to pay for your favorite 7-Eleven treats with GCash Barcode! 

All existing and new GCash App users. 

  1. Open the GCash App and input MPIN.
  2. Select “Pay QR”. 
  3. Select “Generate Code”.
  4. Select Payment Method as GCash. Note: GCredit is currently not accepted.
  5. Present the generated barcode to 7-Eleven cashier. 
  6. Eleven cashier to scan barcode and wait for payment confirmation.
  7. Payment confirmation will prompt “Payment complete, Press okay to proceed”
  8. Transaction reference number will appear on cashier’s screen.
  9. Once payment is confirmed, 7-Eleven cashier will issue receipt.

No, there is no minimum amount to pay using GCash Barcode.

You can Cash-In through the GCash App by linking your debit card or through any 7-Eleven branch nationwide.

You will receive a confirmation landing page in the GCash app and an SMS confirmation for successful transactions.

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