Dengue with FREE COVID-19 Cover

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Product Description

What is Dengue Costs with FREE COVID-19 cover*?

GInsure, in partnership with Singlife, offers Dengue with Free COVID-19 Cover* for as low as PHP300/year. Its multi-level benefit, worth up to PHP421,500, covers allowance for positive test results for Dengue and confinement, as well as medical cost reimbursement for more severe cases of COVID-19 and Dengue. It also comes in Bronze, Silver, and Gold coverage levels with different benefits and annual premiums. 

*Limited offer!

How can I buy this product?

  • You can buy this if you are:
    • 18 to 54 years old
    • a fully-verified GCash user
    • in good health and has never been a ‘confirmed COVID-19 case’
    • a Filipino citizen or a foreigner who is a legal resident of the Philippines.

What are the benefits of this product?

  • Test Allowance
    • Get cash when you avail of a Dengue test (only positive results).
      • Only IgG, IgM & NS1 positive tests
  • Confinement Allowance
    • Get cash if you are diagnosed and confined due to Dengue fever or COVID-19
  • Medical Cost Reimbursement
    • Get cash if you are diagnosed and confined due to more severe cases of Dengue fever or COVID-19

Who can be nominated as my beneficiaries?

  • You can set at standard order or choose to name beneficiary/ies during purchase.
    • The standard order is as follows:
      • Surviving Legal Spouse;
      • Surviving legitimate, illegitimate, legitimated, legally adopted children; or
      • Surviving parents; or
      • Surviving siblings
      • Estate

How many insurance policies can I avail from Singlife?

You can buy only one (1) policy of each GInsure product powered by Singlife. If you need a more comprehensive cover, you may upgrade to the highest coverage level.

How to purchase

STEP 1. Login to your GCash app, then click the GInsure icon
STEP 2. Choose any Singlife product for “Dengue with FREE COVID-19 Cover”
STEP 3. Choose your preferred plan type, coverage level, then provide the necessary beneficiary details if you chose the Family Plan
STEP 4. Review your policy details and tick the Declarations box
STEP 5. Click “Confirm and Pay”

Frequently Asked Questions

Be financially secured and stay prepared for medical emergencies with GInsure!

GInsure is a feature on the GCash app that offers GCash customers access to multiple insurance products that give you cash assistance and medical coverage. Currently, GInsure gives GCash users access to fuss-free protection that is easy to purchase, manage and made even more affordable.

GInsure in partnership with Singlife currently offers these comprehensive, affordable and easy to avail insurance products:

  • Dengue with FREE COVID-19 Cover*
  • Cash for Income Loss (Accidents)
  • Cash for Income Loss

You can easily buy these products, manage your policies, and file claims** all inside the GCash app, just simply click on GInsure.

*limited offer only

**for Cash for Dengue Costs (with Free COVID-19 Cover) only

Singlife Philippines is a digital life insurance company licensed by the Insurance Commission of the Philippines, backed by Singapore Life Private Ltd., Aboitiz Equity Ventures (a local conglomerate) and a Singaporean investment company Di-Firm.

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