Stay secure and shop online using GCash Mastercard!

GCash Mastercard customers will now be able to experience customer verification and perform two-factor authentication using One-Time Password (OTP) over text message for Mastercard secure code services.

Frequently Asked Questions

3DS or 3D Secure, also known as payer authentication, is a security protocol that helps prevent fraud in online credit and debit card transactions.

GCash Mastercard 3D Secure aims to add security on online transactions using two-factor authentication and One-Time Password via text message.

Customers will encounter the following screens to ensure the two-factor authentication security will take place before being able to complete the transaction:

On the first attempt of the customer to transact or record his GCash Mastercard with a secure merchant website, he/she will encounter a two-factor authentication security page.

For card enrollment, you will only need to fill up once but every time the customer tries to transact, an OTP requirement will pop up.

Please make sure your registered mobile number and device has a network signal. Try again after a few seconds to test if OTP will be sent.

If you have not passed through the OTP page successfully yet, the transaction will not push through.

If the secured merchant website requires the OTP, your transaction may not proceed.

For other GCash Mastercard concerns, you can check the GCash Help Center at and search for your concern or submit a ticket if you need further assistance from our representatives.

An OTP is valid for a single online transaction. It will be sent automatically to your mobile number via SMS when you make an online transaction. You will be required to enter the OTP in order to proceed with your purchase. Please take note that your OTP will expire five (5) minutes after it is sent to your registered number.

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