The best payment hack you’ll find

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On average, people spend an accumulated 6 months of their lives waiting in line for something. That’s half a year of queuing to use an ATM, buying movie tickets, waiting for a bus ride home, and probably a hundred other things that you spend time on each day. What if you could cut that time in half? What if there’s something you could use to accomplish those tasks quicker? Luckily, there’s GCash to help you out!

GCash is the #1 finance app in the Philippines and possibly the best payment hack that can save you tons of time. Imagine you’re sitting on your couch at home, scrolling on your phone without a care in the world, when you realize that there’s a bill you urgently need to pay, you’re low on mobile data, a friend is charging you for that lunch they covered a week ago, or all of those at once! That’d be quite a rut, but enter GCash into the picture and those problems would go away in just a few taps.

Here are some GCash features that could make your life much easier:

  • Pay Bills (even overdue bills!) from anywhere at any time to over 300 billers
  • Send Money for free to anyone and to over 30 banks as well
  • Buy Load for yourself and loved ones to keep your convos going (plus you can borrow load too, just in case!)

It doesn’t end there! When you step outside, another set of features can help you get by effortlessly. Shopping at your favorite store? Or grabbing a bite to eat at your go-to restaurant? Pay QR helps you pay for your purchases with ease without having to bring out a bulky wallet. Book Movies in advance for your next barkada hangout. And if you’re running a little low on funds, GCredit has got your back!

With newer in-app innovations such as Save Money, where you can earn more through higher interest rates, and Invest Money, the most accessible investment platform in the market, the possibilities are really endless with GCash!

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