Limited-time Offer: SuperGO90 now on GCash!

Congratulations! You're one of the few users we're giving this special offer to. Buy now and enjoy this exclusive load promo, only on GCash!

What's in SuperGO90?

  • 10GB all-access data
  • Unlimited all-net texts for 7 days

Frequently Asked Questions

This is open only to select subscribers who receive the pop-ups/action cards 

You’ll know you’re part of the base when you log-on to the GCash App and see a pop-up and/or action card,

  • Select pop-up or action card,
  • You will be redirected to a microsite where you will have to select the product to purchase it,
  • You will be led to a cashier page (automatically, this product is only purchasable for self)
  • Click “confirm” on the cashier page, and you will be led to the receipt page.

This offer will only be available until November 6, 2020.

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