What is the promo?
Use your GCash MasterCard to shop at Robinsons Department Store for a minimum of P2,000 and automatically get a Php100 Robinsons Department Store gift certificate.

Who are eligible to join the promo?
All GCash MasterCard holders are eligible to join.

Is this a GCash-exclusive promo? If not, what are the other participating banks?
No, it is not a GCash exclusive promo. Other participating partners include PayMaya and Yazz.

How can I join?
Shop a minimum single-receipt purchase of P2,000 at Robinsons Department Store from November 1 to December 31, 2017 using your GCash MasterCard.

How long is the promo period?
Promo period runs from November 1 to December 31, 2017. All transactions entitled to the P100 gift certificate must be made within the promo period.

Is this applicable for all Robinsons Department Store branches?
Yes, this promo is applicable for all Robinsons Department Stores nationwide.

Is it possible to claim the gift certificate at a different Robinsons Department Store branch from where my transaction was made?
No, customers can only claim his/her gift certificate for the qualified transaction at the same branch of Robinsons Department Store where the P2,000 worth of purchase was made.

Until what date/period can I claim my gift certificate?
The customer has 60 days claiming validity until the end of the promo period.

What if I shop in Robinsons Supermarket or in other Robinsons Retail Affiliates, will I get a chance to win it back too?
No, this promo is exclusive for Robinsons Department Store.

How do I win a gift certificate?
For every single minimum purchase worth P2,000, the customer is automatically entitled to a P100-worth RDS gift certificate. The cashier/front liner will advise customer to redeem it at the Business Center showing the card and the receipt.

Can I still join after I’ve won a P100 gift certificate?
Yes, there is no limit as to the number of gift certificates a customer can claim.

If I purchase more than P2,000, will I get more than one gift certificate?
Yes, the customer is entitled to a P100 Robinsons gift certificate for every P2,000 purchase at RDS. For example. If the single-purchase receipt amounted to P6,000, P6,000/P2,000 = 3 RDS Gift Certificate

Is there a limitation as to the number of times a person can avail of this promo?
None, as long as the person uses his/her GCash MasterCard and the customer abides by the mechanics, the person can continuously avail of the promo.

Is there any additional information for the promo?

  • Aside from the P100 gift certificates, the customer is entitled to a 10% discount on their total purchase in any Robinsons Department Store for all Wednesdays of November (November 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29) when paying with their GCash MasterCard (or other participating cards). The 10% discount is not valid on personal care products, snacks, and Toybox Tech Zone purchases.
  • On all Wednesdays of November, the cashier/front liner will advise the customer of the 10% discount for a minimum purchase of Php2,000 should they pay for their purchase with their GCash MasterCard or other participating cards.
  • If a qualified cardholder sends a representative to claim their gift certificate, the representative must have: 1) an authorization letter from the qualified cardholder, 2) one (1) valid ID of the cardholder, 3) one (1) valid ID of the representative, and 4) the qualified transaction receipt.