What is an e-wallet?

You might have heard the term “e-wallet” before but what does it mean? An e-wallet is an electronic wallet where you can digitally store your money. Often called other terms like “digital wallet” or “virtual wallet”, an e-wallet provides many different ways to transact, such as paying bills or buying things online.


An e-wallet often comes in the form of a mobile application or a website. With your own e-wallet, you can do financial transactions from the convenience of your mobile phone.

No cash on hand? No problem. With the rise of smartphone usage today, e-wallets are an even more logical choice than actual wallets. After all, aren’t you more likely to forget your wallet at home than your phone?

As e-wallets exist in the digital space, you may think about how safe your money is. Most reputable e-wallet providers safeguard your details with security measures such as One-Time PINs, passwords, and other authentication information.


E-wallets allow you to do different things with your money. Buying load and shopping online are two of the most popular things most e-wallet users do. You can also link your other financial accounts, such as your bank accounts or debit cards, to your e-wallet. In this way, your online financial accounts create an ecosystem, with your e-wallet as the main source of payments or savings.


With the convenience of having an e-wallet, why not try one out today? You can’t go wrong with GCash, which is one of the leading e-wallet services in the Philippines. Backed by big names in the industry such as Globe Telecom and Ant Financial, GCash allows you to Buy Load, Send Money, and scan to pay with GCash QR among other financial services.

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