Why Online Payments Are Helpful For A Starting Business

While worldwide e-commerce sectors continue to show that electronic wallet systems are successful in innovating transactions done globally, many individuals have been migrating their wallets onto their smartphones, considering the challenges it eliminates in their day-to-day monetary activities.  Aside from the conventional sending and receiving of money, technological advances allow digital wallets to turn into lifestyle hubs, allowing users to buy digital goods, use their phones as a ticketing option for sports, shows, and events, and display coupons that give them a membership type discount at their favorite stores. These functions, among many more, turn the regular smartphone into more than just a wallet, widening the range of its use. 

As much as these wallets are a convenience for users, business owners greatly benefit from smart wallets too. It helps grow businesses through its technology, regardless of which industry it is in. Here is how online payments from digital wallets such as GCash are helpful for starting a business.

Improves Customer Experience

In a world where customer experience means a lot, digital wallets add a competitive edge to modern-day businesses by elevating convenience for customers. It streamlines the checkout process. Come to think of it, the conventional purchasing process was time-consuming and somewhat inconvenient due to the need of having exact bills by both seller and customer or remembering card details such as CVV and authentication passwords. With online payments, as part of your business, issues such as speed, convenience, and risk-related problems are no longer a worry.  No more filling out lengthy forms, no more memorizing card numbers, and no more having to check all your pockets, all you have to do as a customer is to tap, scan, or swipe to complete your purchase. Aside from this, digital wallets are encrypted, therefore safer than plastic cards. Because of the added utility, security, and speed, implementing online payments for your business will gain you more customers, gaining you more sales. 

Empower your business needs with GCash, the leading mobile wallet provider in the Philippines as it offers digital business solutions for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), who are the backbone of the country’s economy. Regardless of what kind of business you have, whether it is online, a storefront, a mixture of both, or even a sari-sari store, or where you sell, may it be on social media, in your stand-alone store, or a website, GCash has means to assist you in elevating your customer experience. 

GCash Pro works hand in hand with start-up entrepreneurs to future-proof and help expand their businesses by adapting to digital payments. Aware of common challenges faced by novice business owners, they aim to strengthen their positions as a partner for growth, beyond payments. 

For as low as 99 pesos, business owners can avail of BizStarter99. This allows them to cater to more customers’ digital payments with an upgraded wallet limit of P500,000. It also offers five free bank transfers per month and insures them with coverage of up to P50,000, allowing them to enjoy conveniences while conducting business. This monthly subscription-based product of GCash allows entrepreneurs to upgrade their way of conducting business, driving more revenue and making transactions easier. 

To learn more about how to avail of BizStarter99, click on the link below, fill out the form, and ensure your GCash wallet has at least P 99. : 


Entices Customers To Spend More

Digital payments simplify transactions for both customers and merchants,  making spending seem easier on their end. This is because of eliminating the need for certain steps such as counting change, waiting for certain payments to clear, punching in PIN codes, or signing receipts on a musty POS system. Steps between wanting and owning something customers see are drastically reduced, making them more willing to purchase repeatedly.

With GCash, spending is made frictionless as the barrier between wanting and owning a product in your store has been made thinner. Customers can pay just by scanning a QR code, without any extra time-consuming steps. 

Loyalty programs and discounts as well attract customers. Back then your favorite clothing brands had these membership cards that entitled you to discounts when buying from their stores. As consumers spend more of their days glued to smartphones, retailers are getting savvier with apps that ease browsing, offer rewards, suggest the right products and simplify the purchase with one click. Nowadays, businesses, with the help of mobile wallet providers, simplify customer loyalty by offering features like rewards programs, coupons, mobile order-ahead, and custom marketing. These elements are then all integrated into the digital wallet, making the app a one-stop shop for customers, making their smartphones a 24/7 “impulse aisle

Customers say goodbye to switching apps to shop, play, and eat with GLife. It puts together various merchants’ and brands’ mini-app into a single page within the GCash dashboard. This means no more switching apps to order, no need to create different accounts, and best of all, a faster and more secure way to shop online. Customers are given a wide range of new lifestyle brands from food, retail, gaming, and even digital needs. They are also provided with discounts and promotions tailored to their shopping experience. GLife has a multitude of brands in different categories such as financial services, food and drink, gaming, health and wellness, lifestyle, retail, services, and transport. This enables them to shop and pay all in one app while enjoying great deals from the brands that they love. 

Want to be a partner merchant? Click here to learn more about how to have your brand featured in the GCash app

Click on the link below for any questions about GLife.:


Contactless Payments Promote Safety

Carrying huge amounts of cash may attract unwanted attention and tends to be nerve-wracking. With the help of GCash Pro, collecting payments, remitting to banks or suppliers, and transferring money to your worker’s accounts can all be done remotely, reducing the amount of cash involved in your day-to-day operations. Before any money is sent from your account, approval is required, allowing you to review your transaction and ensure all details are correct. These measures lessen the vulnerability of your business and your team as well as the risk of misplacing money. 

Entrepreneurs may also enjoy the benefits of GCash’s Getpaid Payment Portal. It is a tool to equip business owners and sellers to receive GCash payments from customers through sending a payment link. Business owners can safely move funds from receiving payments to processing refunds to making withdrawals. They are also given a view of how funds are moving through a one-stop dashboard view, allowing them to carefully monitor their transactions. 

Futureproof your enterprise and empower your business with GCash! With a myriad of products and solutions that help you start or grow your business,  you may jumpstart your operations with a wider audience as they are now not limited by the physical restraints of conventional payment methods. GCash is ready to provide critical digital financial tools to its enterprise customers to help them migrate into the digital realm. Be part of their cashless ecosystem with more than 55 million registered users and 4.5 million partner merchants. 

Click here to learn more about the Getpaid Payment Portal

Want to learn more about how GCash can help your business? Click here or visit the GCash Help Center to submit a ticket for further assistance. 

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