Terms and Conditions

Welcome to GCash. Please read these TERMS AND CONDITIONS (T&Cs) prior to completing the registration for an account with GCash. The following T&Cs shall govern the terms under which you may access and use the products of GCash, the GCash MasterCard, GCash website, GCash App and the services associated with it (together “GCash Service” or “GCash Services”). By registering to GCash or using the GCash App, you accept and agree to be legally bound by the T&Cs. Please also read the Privacy Policy of GCash and Acceptable Use Policy before you use any portion of the GCash Service. The Privacy Policy describes how your personal data is collected and processed when you use the GCash Service. The Acceptable Use Policy defines the set of rules that you should comply with when using the GCash App. If you do not understand or do not wish to be bound by the T&Cs or Privacy Policy, you should not access or use any portion of the GCash Service.

These T&Cs shall be effective, valid and binding from the time you agreed to it and will exist up to the time that it is terminated by you or us, save for those provisions that will remain effective after termination as stated in these T&Cs, laws or regulations.

GCash reserves the right to modify these T&Cs at any time without any advance notice. Any changes to these T&Cs will be effective immediately upon posting on this page, with an updated effective date. By accessing or using the GCash Service after any changes have been made, you signify your agreement on a prospective basis to the modified T&Cs and all the changes. Be sure to turn to this page periodically to ensure familiarity with most current version of the T&Cs.

Any version of these T&Cs in a language other than English is provided for convenience and you understand and agree that the English language version will control if there is any conflict.

Under these T&Cs, the terms “GCash”, “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to G-Xchange, Inc. together with its employees, directors, affiliates, successor and assigns. GCash is duly registered with and licensed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).


1.1 By accepting the T&Cs, you represent that you are at least 18 years old to register for a GCash account. If you are younger than 18, parental consent will be required of you.

1.2 If you are a business entity, you also represent that you are duly authorized to do business and your employees, officers, representative and other agents accessing or using the GCash Service are duly authorized to access and use the GCash Service and to legally bind you to these T&Cs and all transactions conducted under your username and password.


2.1 When you accept these T&Cs, you are setting up your GCash Wallet that is associated with your mobile number. Depending on the specific GCash Service that you are availing, you will be asked to provide information such as your complete name, present and/or permanent address, date of birth, nationality, source of funds, photo of yourself and signature in accordance with the requirements of Know-Your-Customer (“KYC”) requirements of the BSP. We may verify your registration information through a third party verification vendor, as we may deem necessary. In some cases, we may ask you to provide additional details or information that can aid in verifying your identity.

2.2 You agree to provide all necessary information and render all reasonable assistance and cooperation that we may require in order to complete the verification. The information you provide will be used to determine if you are eligible to begin and/or continue to use your GCash Wallet or the GCash Service. We reserve the right to close, suspend or limit your access to your GCash Wallet and/or GCash Service in the event that we are unable to obtain or verify our information. All collection and use of your personal data by us is subject to the Privacy Policy of GCash.

2.3 You are responsible for providing accurate registration information and for keeping your registration information up to date, or notifying us in the event of changes. In addition, as certain GCash Services may become available or be offered only on selective basis or promotional basis, supplementary information may be required from your end in order to enable the relevant GCash Services or avail of the GCash Service.

2.4 The registration process may also be done through SMS (via 2882), or USSD (by dialing *143#) if you are a Globe or TM mobile subscriber.

2.5 You have the option to obtain the GCash MasterCard and link it with your GCash Wallet. GCash will store all information relating to your GCash MasterCard, including but not limited to transaction details.


Definitions appearing in these T&Cs shall have the meanings ascribed to them below.

“GCash” shall refer to a form of electronic money which allows customers who registered to GCash Service to easily and conveniently send and receive cash as well as make payments electronically.

“GCash App” shall refer to the GCash Service application running on mobile devices where the GCash customer can avail of the GCash Service or make use of the GCash Wallet.

“GCash Wallet” shall refer to e-money instrument that stores Philippine Peso (Php) value which resides in the GCash system. It is an account that is linked to the GCash customer’s mobile Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card and which may or may not be evidenced by a physical GCash MasterCard. Functionalities include, but are not limited to, transfer of funds, payments of goods and services, over-the-air reload of airtime, and balance inquiry.

“Personal QR/P2P QR / Transfer QR” shall refer to a specific QR code associated with the GCash account that allows Send Money transactions.

“Peer-to-Peer / Person-toPerson (P2P) Express Send” shall refer to the existing send money service which allows a GCash Sender to send money to a GCash Receiver.

“GCash MasterCard” shall refer to prepaid card issued under license with MasterCard linked to a GCash Wallet which can be used for Point-Of-Sale (“POS”) purchases and ATM cash withdrawals. The card is also accepted in all MasterCard accredited merchants worldwide.

“GCash Customer” shall refer to a person who registers for GCash Service.

“GCash Accredited Merchant” shall refer to establishment that accepts either GCash or GCash MasterCard or both as payment for purchase of goods and services.

“Biller” shall refer to utility company and the like, accredited by GCash to accept bills payment using GCash.

“GCash Partner Outlet” or “GPO” shall refer to establishment that accepts Cash-in and Cash-out GCash transactions.

“Cash-In” shall refer to the process of loading cash to GCash wallet.

“Cash-Out” shall refer to the process of withdrawal of cash from GCash wallet.

“Know Your Customer” or “KYC” shall refer to the process of establishing the identity of the GCash customer as required by the BSP, also known as Customer Verification.

“Mobile Personal Identification Number” or “MPIN” shall refer to the four (4)-digit security personal identification number of, and nominated by, the GCash Customer that is used for all GCash transactions. It is also used for both POS and ATM transactions.

“Short Message Service” or “SMS” shall mean a communications protocol allowing the interchange of short text messages between mobile telephone devices.

“Unstructured Supplementary Service Data” or “USSD” shall mean the protocol used by telecommunications companies to communicate with the service provider’s computers.


The GCash Wallet is a reloadable e-money instrument. It is not a deposit account, and not covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). It does not earn interest. However, it is subject to the rules and regulations of the BSP, the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA), as amended and the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations. The value loaded in your GCash Wallet may be used to transfer or send money between GCash wallets via Peer-to-Peer / Person-to-Person.

(P2P) Express Send or Personal QR/P2P QR / Transfer QR, and purchase goods and services via (a) quick-response or “QR” code scan payment method through the GCash App, or (b) POS/offline or online payment system through the use of the GCash MasterCard.


You may Cash-In Philippine Peso value into your GCash Wallet either through (a) Mobile Banking Service or “MBS” which means that you transfer Philippine Peso amount from your qualified bank account into your GCash Wallet via the defined functions on the GCash App, or (b) GPO where you may personally hand over Philippine Peso cash (bills/coins) for the amount to be Cashed-In to your GCash Wallet, or (c) Phone-to-Phone/ Person-to-Person or “P2P” transfer which means you can transfer Philippine Peso amount from your GCash Wallet to another GCash Wallet.

You may Cash-Out your GCash to Philippine Peso by (a) using your GCash MasterCard through participating ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) or (b) through any GPO, based on minimum and maximum cash-out amounts as may be imposed by GCash. The Cash-Out of withdrawal through the GCash MasterCard at any ATM terminals nationwide may be subject to applicable bank charges, if any.


You may send money to a Recipient (whether a GCash number, or a non-GCash number) using the ‘GCash Padala’ service on the app, which serves as a domestic remittance transaction.

In using the GCash Padala service, you (also referred to as the “Sender”) acknowledge that:

(1) the information you have entered in the app with regard to the Recipient’s details are true and correct (mobile number, name of Recipient, amount), and that GCash will not liable for any user errors made in providing the details;

(2) As soon as the GCash Padala is processed and confirmed, the amount indicated will be deducted from your GCash Wallet, and such amount will only be credited back to your GCash Wallet (without further action from your part) if the Recipient fails to claim it from a GCash Padala Outlet within fifteen (15) days from the time the GCash Padala is processed;

(3) the participating GCash Padala Outlets (as listed in https://www.gcash.com/partners/padala/) will only require the Recipient to present the reference number received via SMS, and the Recipient’s valid ID. The Recipient must claim the GCash Padala in person– authorization letters and proxies will not be allowed;

(4) You will be responsible in safeguarding the reference number provided by GCash to you and/or to your Recipient;

(5) You may be charged with applicable fees. GCash may modify the fees charged upon prior notice through https://www.gcash.com/partners/padala

(6) You will only use the GCash Padala service for lawful purposes; GCash or any of its GCash Padala Outlets may withhold, suspend or refuse to process a transaction if GCash and/or the GCash Padala Outlets reasonably believe that the GCash Padala service is used for illegal or fraudulent purposes, subject to the provisions of Section 20 below;

(7) If the GCash Padala service is used for purposes of payment of goods and/or service, GCash and/or the GCash Padala Outlets do not guarantee the receipt, quality and adequacy of the goods and/or service procured;

(8) The GCash Padala service is subject to the Transaction and Wallet limits specified herein;

(9) Disputes The sender of the Remittance can get in contact with the GCash Help Center if they want to cancel the transaction.


For online/internet purchases, diligence is expected of the GCash customer to only transact with reputable web-based merchants. GCash shall not be held liable and accountable for any unauthorized transaction.

Once the transaction has been authorized, you bind yourself with the merchant’s terms of sale such as but not limited to on how you will receive the goods and/or services that you purchased. GCash is not liable and accountable for any undelivered goods and services, defects, damages and after-sales services such goods and /or services.

You shall be fully accountable for payment transactions especially in dealing with web-based merchants that have limited refund policy for invalid disputes. For purposes of clarity, invalid disputes refer to all disputes except if the dispute pertains to items purchased online that are no longer available.


Payment of bills does not require a printed receipt from the Biller. GCash shall be affiliating Billers to accept payments via the “Pay Bills” menu. For this transaction, the GCash Customer selects the biller to be paid, inputs payment details and the amount to be paid.Once the details are inputted, the Customer shall see a summary page with the payment details displayed for confirmation by the Customer. An SMS/E-receipt is sent to you which confirms the payment request.

Confirmation through the use of the MPIN upon log in shall be sufficient evidence that you have authorized the payment to the chosen Biller and therefore, cannot be disputed by you. The Transaction Reference No. in the SMS/E-receipt shall be your proof of payment to the biller.

Erroneous transactions shall be deemed successful and shall follow a no refund policy if the erroneous transaction is proven to be due to GCash customer error after investigation (e.g. wrong account details, wrong biller). The decision of Gcash after the investigation shall be conclusive.


Loading of airtime credits and/or payment of goods and services to GCash Accredited Merchants using funds from a GCash Wallet shall be available via keyword-based commands or menu-based transactions.

For keyword-based commands, the SMS/ Text message sent from the mobile phone shall be sufficient evidence that the GCash Customer authorized the transaction and therefore, cannot be disputed by the GCash Customer. The same rule shall apply for menu-based transactions, once the GCash Customer keys-in his/ her MPIN. In both cases, the Transaction Reference Number in the SMS/ Text message confirmation shall be the GCash Customer’s proof of payment.


Transaction and Wallet balance limits may be assigned or changed by GCash, at its option pursuant to applicable laws, subject to fifteen (15) days prior notice to the GCash Customers. Limits are applied not on a per wallet basis but on a per Customer basis. If a GCash customer has multiple GCash wallets under his/her name, limits shall be shared across all the wallets linked to the GCash Customer’s Customer Profile.


GCash may introduce other GCash Wallet/ MasterCard features. Moreover, it may also deactivate existing features at its option.On a case to case basis, GCash may opt to suspend or terminate a GCash Customer’s privilege to use a particular feature, whenever it deems appropriate and necessary, particularly, but not limited to occasions when there are fraudulent transactions. In such cases, GCash may charge a fee upon reactivation of the said feature, as per request of the GCash Customer. The approval of the request shall be upon the sole option of GCash.

All KYC’d GCash customers, postpaid or prepaid, are qualified to apply for a GCash MasterCard, subject to the terms and conditions of MasterCard.

A GCash Customer can have more than one GCash Wallet registered under his/her name. However, only one type of GCash MasterCard can be linked to a GCash Wallet.

Any person not suffering from any disability or legal impediment may apply for a GCash MasterCard. Minors who are at least (7) may apply for GCash MasterCard through their parent/s or guardian may apply for a GCash MasterCard , and such GCash MasterCard shall remain under the exclusive control of the parent/s or guardian until the child/minor reaches the age of majority in which case, exclusive control passes to the child, unless it is ordered by the parent/s or guardian at the time of applying for GCash MasterCard that withdrawal can be made by the minor also.

Any GCash MasterCard issued remains the sole property of GCash and is non-transferable. GCash may suspend or terminate the use of the GCash MasterCard for whatever reason it deems fit. The GCash Customer agrees to surrender the GCash MasterCard upon demand by GCash. In the event of any suspension, termination or confiscation of the GCash MasterCard, the GCash Customer agrees to hold GCash and its affiliates, its board of directors, officers and staff free and harmless from any claim, damage, loss, expense, suit or liability whatsoever, arising from such suspension, termination or confiscation.

In the event of any unauthorized use of the GCash MasterCard, GCash shall not be liable for any inconvenience or damage caused to the GCash Customer. Moreover, GCash shall not be liable for any failure by GCash Customers to avail of GCash services due to the non-compliance with the application requirements.


GCash, at its sole option, shall have the option to run a Loyalty / Rewards Program on the use of GCash. The GCash Customer’s right and obligations in the Loyalty / Rewards Program shall be covered by separate Terms and Conditions specific to the Loyalty / Rewards Program.


GCash Customer shall pay a fee for the GCash MasterCard application/renewal, if any. No joining fee or annual GCash MasterCard fee is required. GCash Customer agrees to pay other fees and charges related to his/ her GCash Wallet/ MasterCard and its use, as may be imposed by GCash, such as, but not limited to, ATM Withdrawal, Cash-in and Cash-out fees. Fees and other charges, as may be applicable, shall be inclusive of all applicable Philippine taxes and shall be debited from the GCash Customer’s GCash Wallet or paid up front.

Charging of dormancy maintenance fees shall apply to GCash Wallets that have not been used for any monetary GCash transaction at least six (6) months from the last date of transaction. The maintenance fee shall be automatically debited from the GCash Customer’s Wallet every 10th day of the month.

GCash wallets that remain inactive for 6 months and with zero balances shall be automatically closed without further notice

To know more about GCash fees, please visit our Help Center here.


Upon the GCash Customer’s request, GCash shall send a copy of the GCash Account/Transaction History statement either via mail, fax or email, as may be applicable. The mere act of GCash in sending the Account / Transaction History statement in the mode and to the address indicated by the GCash Customer is conclusive presumption that the GCash Customer has received the same. GCash and Globe shall be held free and harmless from any and all liability should the Account / Transaction History statement be read by any person other than the GCash Customer. Neither may GCash Customer thereafter raise the defense that he/ she failed to receive the Account / Transaction History statement. In all instances, GCash Customer may inquire about the Account / Transaction History statement by contacting the GCash Hotline or by visiting any of the Globe Stores only where a GCash representative is present and available. GCash may charge a fixed amount for Account / Transaction History Statement fee per request.


The details in the SMS / Text confirmation message after every transaction and / or the entries in the Account/ Transaction History statement are presumed true and correct unless GCash Customer notifies GCash in writing of any disputes thereon within fifteen (15) days from the date of transaction. If no dispute is reported within the said period, all transactions and the entries in the Account/ Transaction History statement are considered conclusively true and correct. Disputed transactions shall only be credited back to GCash Customers’ GCash Wallet once the claim/ dispute has been properly processed, investigated, and proven to be in favor of the GCash Customer. On the other hand, there shall be no reversals for transactions made through key-word based commands and erroneous transactions made by the GCash Customer.

The GCash Customer shall be responsible for the security of the GCash Wallet / MasterCard, the Globe ,TM or other network enabled phone’s Customer Identity Module (SIM) and his/her MPIN. All transactions made using the GCash Wallet / MasterCard are conclusively presumed made by the GCash Customer and the GCash Customer shall be liable therefore.


The security and proper care of the GCash registered SIM/ GCash MasterCard, as well as the confidentiality of his/her MPIN shall be the GCash Customer’s sole responsibility.

In case of loss of GCash registered SIM/ GCash MasterCard, the GCash Customer shall immediately inform GCash through the GCash Hotline of such loss within twenty-four (24) hours, via telephone or through a written report/ affidavit submitted at the Globe Store where the GCash representative is present and available. Suspension of the GCash Wallet and/ or GCash MasterCard shall be processed only upon proper authentication of the phone call or written report/ affidavit, as the case may be. All transactions made prior to the report of loss shall continue to be the liability of the GCash Customer.
A replacement SIM/ GCash MasterCard may also be created at the cost of the GCash Customer.


Should the GCash Customer fail to comply with the Terms and Conditions provided herein, the right to use the GCash Wallet/ MasterCard shall be terminated without further notice. GCash Wallets that are dormant/no monetary activity for more than 6 months and with zero balances shall automatically be closed/ terminated without further notice.


GCash makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding GCash Service.

The GCash Service is offered on an “AS IS”, “AS AVAILABLE” basis without warranties of any kind, other than warranties that are incapable of exclusion, waiver or limitation under the laws applicable to this Agreement. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, GCash makes no warranty: (1) as to the content, quality or accuracy of data or information provided by GCash hereunder or received or transmitted using the GCash Services; (2) as to any service or product obtained using the GCash Services; (3) that the GCash Services will be uninterrupted or error-free; or (4) that any particular result or information will be obtained.

GCash shall not be liable for any loss, cost, compensation, damage or liability to you or third party arising from, directly or indirectly, or as a result of any or all of the following:

  1. refusal of GCash, any bank, financial institution, ATM or Merchant establishment and the like to allow, accept or honor GCash;
  2. GCash is honored by any bank, financial institution, ATM or Merchant establishment; however, payment transaction is not authorized, for any reason whatsoever;
  3. GCash Customer is unable to perform or complete any transaction through the use of Globe ,TM or other network enabled mobile phone due to service/ system/ line unavailability;
  4. any delay, interruption or termination of the GCash transaction whether caused by administrative error, technical, mechanical, electrical or electronic fault or difficulty or any other reason or circumstance beyond GCash and Globe’s control (including but not limited to acts of God, strike, labor disputes, fire, disturbance, action of government, atmospheric conditions, lightning, interference or damage by third parties or any change in legislation);
  5. theft or unauthorized use of GCash Wallet/ MasterCard or any loss, costs, damages or payable to any third party by the GCash Customer;
  6. any misrepresentation or fraud by or misconduct of any third party, such as but not limited to owners, employees or GCash agents.


In the event of any action that the GCash Customer may file against GCash and/ or Globe, the GCash Customer agrees that GCash and Globe’s liability shall not exceed ONE THOUSAND PESOS (PHP1,000.00) or the amount of the damages actually suffered by the GCash Customer, whichever is lower.


Blocked GCash Wallet– GCash and/ or Globe shall have the right to automatically suspend or block the GCash Wallet/ MasterCard in the event that GCash and/ or Globe has reason to believe that the GCash Customer’s GCash Wallet/ MasterCard may be used for fraudulent or suspicious transactions or by an unauthorized person. GCash and/ or Globe may but shall not have the obligation to inform the GCash Customer prior to suspending or blocking the GCash Wallet/ MasterCard pursuant to this Section. The GCash Customer acknowledges the authority of GCash and/ or Globe to suspend or block the GCash Wallet/ MasterCard and accordingly, the GCash Customer shall hold GCash and/ or Globe free and harmless against any and all consequences of such suspension