5 Ways to Become an Entrepreneur during ECQ

Posted on April 29, 2020 | 2 minute read

In the midst of the pandemic, you may be wondering what you can do, aside from the unhelpful hoarding and overpricing of items that people need to protect themselves from the virus. The good news is there are no limits to becoming a legit entrepreneur — even under quarantine! 

You may already have some talents and niche hobbies that are waiting to capitalize on this opportunity. Paired with an internet connection and the GCash App, you’ll easily be able to start a side hustle that you can earn extra cash from. Here are some options to become an entrepreneur in the time of COVID-19:

Start a business with no money.

You don’t need hundreds of thousands to start a business online. Lots of people are looking for ways to gain knowledge during this time. A great way to make money is to give out e-learning services, online seminars, or tutoring services according to your expertise. And that expertise can be anything interesting, such as baking, painting, coding, and more! From here, you can create learning modules or even a tutorial video with a smartphone or camera.

Join the gig economy.

Welcome to the world of freelancing! If you are a graphic designer, website designer, logo designer, website content writer, medical articles writer, technical writer, copywriter, or hold any other job and skills that can be freelanced, this is your best bet. Start by creating an account at freelance platforms like Freelancer.ph or Upwork. You can also search for businesses all over the world that are outsourcing your kind of work. You might be overwhelmed by the number of leads that you get. 

Make everything available ONLINE.

After the announcement of ECQ, there is no doubt that the new norm is shopping online. More and more people are finding their needs through the internet, and you can take advantage of this new market by selling items that you have plenty of or can access at a much lower price. Ask people about the top items they purchase while under quarantine. You may find that you have a resource network for items such as home essentials and pantry items. From here, you can sell it online by starting an online shop on Shopee, Lazada, or even through Instagram.

Skills that pay the bills.

Not everyone has the means, skills, or equipment to create good food, and people will surely take out their wallets for specialty items like bread, cold brew, or cured meats. So if you know how to cook and bake and you do it well, start selling those goodies online!

Fitness trainers are also a hit these days. People are worried about gaining a few pounds due to lack of outdoor exercise. While you can do some workouts at home, it’s still better to have a trainer guide you or even yell at you for not putting in effort. The same goes for other types of trainers and experts, such as mental health experts or physical therapists. You can start by holding one-on-one classes through video-calling apps!

Take advantage of your creative side.

Since we have a lot of time during this pandemic, let’s make it a “fun-demic” and earn from it. We’re pretty sure you know influencers, but did you know that they earn a lot of money from advertisements? 

Start engaging with the world by creating authentic, interesting, sustainable content that you’re passionate about. Popular interests are beauty, gaming, fashion, memes, and many more! Should your profile find an audience or get a steady following, brands may start reaching out to you to boost their products or services on your page. 

Here’s another useful tip: Use GCash Send Money or Bank Transfer to send and receive payments for whatever side hustle you’ll pursue! 

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