Redemption Disclaimer


Redemption proceeds may be lower than the customer’s initial investment, depending on the current NAVPU of the fund.

Moreover, the actual redemption proceeds credited to the customer’s GCash wallet may not be equal to the redemption amount entered by the customer, depending on the NAVPU applied.

Redemption Processing

For redemptions received before the product provider’s cut-off time, the NAVPU/S that will be applied will be that of the same day.  For redemptions received after the product provider’s cut-off time on a business day, on a weekend or on a declared holiday, the NAVPU/S that will be applied will be that of the next business day.  Redemption proceeds will then be credited to the customer’s GCash wallet at least a business day after that of the applicable NAVPU/S.

Additionally, only one redemption order can be placed at a time per investment fund.  Should you wish to place another redemption, you must wait for your earlier placed redemption to be confirmed first.

Moreover, redemption proceeds which will not be creditable to a user’s wallet due to the GCash wallet balance or transaction limit will be processed as follows:

  • For wallet balance limit-breaching redemption proceeds – user must free up his/her GCash wallet by at least the amount of the proceeds for it to be credited to his/her wallet
  • For wallet transaction limit-breaching redemption proceeds – user will receive the proceeds at the start of the following month once the user’s transaction limit has been refreshed