Subscription or Buy Order Disclaimer

This is not a deposit and is not insured by the PDIC. Returns cannot be guaranteed by the product provider as the fund manager and GCash as a service provider, and historical NAVPU/S is for illustration of NAVPU/S movements/fluctuations only. When redeeming, the proceeds may be worth less than the original investment and any losses will be solely for the account of the client. The trustee is not liable for any loss unless upon willful default, bad faith, or gross negligence.

Subscription or Buy Order Processing

We will debit your GCash wallet of this subscription or buy order amount once you have confirmed your transaction on the App. 

The NAVPU applied for all orders are the one on its allocation date.  

Please see the schedule of subscription or buy order transactions for each fund on GInvest below:

Subscription or Buy Order Disclaimer table