5 Wallet-Friendly Ideas for a Merrier Christmas

Christmas season is fast approaching! It’s that time of the year where we make a bunch of lists (remember to check them twice), buy a lot of gifts, and eat everything nice. But all that may come with an overwhelming amount of holiday expenses!

“Christmas” doesn’t have to mean “overspending.” We rounded up some tips to help you save without sacrificing the quality of your Christmas celebrations.

1. Start shopping early
Prices for certain products get jacked up the closer it gets to December so you might get items for cheap when you shop earlier. Not a lot of people shop in November so aside from saving up on prices, you’ll also be able to skip the long lines at the cashier.

2. Consider regifting
Who says gifts have to be brand new? You probably have some things lying around the house that you have never used or are barely used, and you can also probably think of someone who would appreciate receiving them. You can gift a good hardback novel that’s been sitting on your bookshelf or an extra neck pillow just lying around the house.

3. Get crafty
If you have enough time on your hands, you can also make your gifts instead of buying them! From something as simple as a greeting card to something as complicated as a scrapbook, handmade gifts convey a sense of thoughtfulness and effort you can’t find in store-bought gifts.

4. Show off your cooking skills
Put your Iron Chef game face on and cook up a storm on noche buena. Instead of splurging thousands on a family dinner and braving the hordes of people in the malls, stay at home and fill your house with the delicious smells of ham, spaghetti, and lechon.

5. Watch out for deals and discounts
You might find holiday-themed items packaged together for cheap this season. Get a noche buena package with spaghetti pasta, tomato sauce, and fruit salad for a good discount, or cookies and chocolates bundled together at 30% off of the original price.

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With these tips, you can definitely enjoy a tipid yet wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.