Customer Protect

A commitment to your security

Here in GCash, your security is very important to us. The Customer Protect program is our promise that you will not be held liable for unauthorized transactions made from your account.

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Am I covered?

Am I covered?

Unauthorized Transactions

Transactions you did not do

  • Send Money
  • Bank Transfer
  • Buy Load
  • Borrow Load
  • Pay QR
  • Pay Bills
  • Buy Load
  • Stolen Card (if reported within 24 hours)
    • ATM Withdrawal
    • POS transactions
  • Not Stolen
    • Online Payment
    • Deductions
Failed Transactions

Money movement did not push through

  • Transactions where the money was not transferred
  • Transactions where the amount/balance is wrong
Not Covered

Transactions not covered

  • Swindling: successful monetary transfer but the seller did not fulfill delivery of goods or services