Instant Discounts with QR Voucher

Gone are the days of waiting for your QR cashbacks to be credited into your account. With GCash’s new QR Voucher, you now get discounts instantly when you scan to pay with GCash QR.

Here’s a quick guide on how to claim and use your QR Voucher.

1. Look for a Promo QR and scan it
Log in to the GCash App and select “Pay QR” then scan the Promo QR to get a QR Voucher.
Tip: Promo QR codes are usually released online on our social media channels.

2. Receive your QR Voucher
After you scan a Promo QR, you’ll automatically receive a QR Voucher. You’ll get it through the app and you’ll also receive an SMS with your voucher details – how much the voucher is, how long it is valid for, and where you can use it.

3. Scan a Transaction QR to use your QR Voucher
To avail of your QR Voucher, just use GCash QR to pay at any of our partner merchants. Log in to the GCash App, select “Pay QR”, then scan a Transaction QR. After entering your payment amount and selecting “Next”, the next screen will automatically apply whatever QR Vouchers you have available for use.

Congratulations! Now your discounts can be instantly applied whenever you scan to pay with GCash QR.

To enjoy exclusive discounts and cashless shopping at over 25,000 stores nationwide, download the GCash App today.