4 Must-Watch Movies this October

A new month means new movies to watch out for! Stay tuned for these 4 films that are coming out this October.

Venom is the latest in a string of successful Marvel movies about America’s most beloved superheroes. Starring Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams, Venom is about a journalist named Eddie Brock who merges with an alien symbiote and develops his own superpowers.

Seeing how entertaining each Marvel movie is, many hardcore fans are expecting Venom to be another blockbuster hit when it arrives in cinemas this month.

A Star is Born
Fans of Lady Gaga will be stoked for this musical romantic drama depicting the lives of 2 musicians who fall in love with each other. Bradley Cooper stars alongside popstar Gaga as Jackson Maine, a well-known and experienced singer-songwriter who mentors and eventually falls for Ally (Gaga).

This is the third remake of this film, yet there is something new to look forward to in terms of the chemistry between Cooper and Gaga, which critics have described as “dynamite”.

Johnny English Strikes Again
Third time’s the charm with this third installment in the British secret agent series. Rowan Atkinson stars as bumbling spy Johnny English, who is called upon to find an elusive mastermind hacker and to save all the undercover agents in Britain.

Trademark features of the Johnny English series, such as exciting action scenes, funny scriptwriting, and impeccable acting from Atkinson, are all present in this comedic action flick that you should watch out for!

First Man
Relive the first magical moments of astronaut Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon. Ryan Gosling stars as Armstrong in his world-changing journey from the Earth to the moon, showing that many sacrifices and remarkable events needed to happen to achieve this pinnacle of space travel.

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