5 Tricks for a Fun and Spookier Halloween

The scariest time of the year is coming soon. Contrary to popular belief, Halloween season is not only for kids; adults can join in on the fun, too! Get ready for some spooky times with these activities:

Dress up in costume
You’re never really too old to play dress-up. Choose a famous character from your favorite horror movie or a famous celebrity and start looking for iconic outfits you can imitate!

Easy costume ideas include a wizard/witch in the Harry Potter universe (just grab a black cloak and some nice wool sweaters) or Russell from Up (don a yellow shirt and a cap!).

Go to a Halloween event
Different hotels and malls offer various Halloween events starting as early as October 27. Each event has specific activity list which kids and adults can participate in, such as trick or treat, costume contests, games, and photobooths. These are usually catered to families, but who says adult friend groups can’t join, too?

Have a bake-fest
Indulge in your childhood trick-or-treat memories and bake up a storm on October 31. Make cupcakes topped with pumpkin or ghost icing or go wild with apples coated in toffee and sprinkled with colorful candies – all of which would take a maximum of 1 hour and 30 minutes to bake! To make things even better, invite your friends over to help you out in the kitchen!

Go ghost-hunting
For a legit thrilling experience, visit any of the Philippines’ abundant haunted locations at night. Take a midnight drive along Balete Drive in New Manila, QC and try to spot the famous white lady haunting the streets or visit the infamous Manila Film Center, where it is rumored that construction workers building this establishment were buried alive in cement.

Watch a scary movie
Nothing can get you hyped up more than watching a frightening movie on the eve of Halloween. You can go out to the cinema or opt to stay in and watch your movie of choice on Netflix or FOX+. Whether you go for classics like The Shining or newer offerings such as post-apocalyptic zombie adventure Cargo or cannibalistic drama Raw, you’re in for a hair-raising, scream-inducing time!

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