GCash offers International Remittance from Middle East to Philippines

How it Works

The sender must go to a GCash Remit-accredited remittance partner abroad, fill out the partner’s remittance form, provide GCash mobile number of receiver, present a valid ID and pay. The recipient will receive an SMS notification that a remittance was sent to his/her GCash wallet and may now be used within GCash like buy load, pay bills, shop online and pay QR!

Our Partners 

Frequently Asked Questions

The service is only available to GCash fully verified users.

You may visit https://gcashapp.page.link/3m3W to get verified. 

The transaction will only get processed if the money sent is within the user’s GCash wallet limit (Php 100,000 for regular fully verified users and Php 500,000 for payroll users).

The amount that will be sent to the user is in PHP. Currency conversion will be upon sending money.

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