A Day in the Life of Ama-Zing Deals

This has become an entirely different world: Staying in as the new normal. COVID-19 is still around us, but to some, staying at home may not really be an option because they have to go to work and do important errands. Thankfully, more and more Filipinos are now switching to a cashless lifestyle to reduce our risk of catching the virus.

Apps have become handy in doing almost all of the everyday tasks we need to fulfill even without going out. We have all sorts of them nowadays to help make our lives easier and safer, but why not use one with freebies and rewards? Sounds too good to be true, but the Zing app makes that possible!

With the Zing app, you can easily check out the list of stores in every Ayala Mall, earn points when you shop, and unlock exclusive rewards—all in one app! Want to know how it works? Here’s how you can use it for everything you need on your next shopping day in Ayala Malls!

First stop: coffee. Start your errands day with a kick of caffeine so you can last the day with much-needed energy. Before you grab a cup of latte from Bo’s Coffee or an iced caramel macchiato from Black Canyon Coffee, link your GCash account to Zing so you can start earning Zing reward points! 



Once confirmed, you can simply scan to pay using the GCash app! Earn 1 point for every Php 200 spend in participating merchants. 

Second stop: Home essentials. Grab whatever you need in one go so you won’t have to risk going out again! Drop by The Landmark, where you can find essentially everything you need—from clothes, footwear, stationery products, to kitchen tools, home decor, and many more.

For a safe & cashless transaction, just scan to pay with GCash so you can earn Zing points as well! We’re pretty sure you’ll be getting a lot of points from shopping in Landmark, with all the useful finds you can buy here.

Once you’ve earned enough, you can redeem a Php 100 e-voucher up to Php 5,000, which can cover whatever you need to buy without even spending a single peso! All you have to do is redeem and show the code to the cashier upon payment. Remember, it’s 1 Zing point = Php 1!



Third stop: Lunch! Whether you’ve craving burgers, Japanese cuisine, pizza, or Filipino classics, you can simply use your Zing points when you dine in Ayala Malls. Redeem Php 500 points at Flatterie, Php 300 at Yoshinoyo, or as much as Php 5,000 at Bench Cafe!

If you’re short on Zing points or if you need more points, just scan to pay with GCash! 

Fourth stop: WFH essentials. Make the most out of your trip to the mall by buying what you need for a more comfy work-from-home experience. Redeem e-vouchers for iStore, Digital Walker, PCWORX, and more stores. However, if you’re required to go to the office to work, you can shop for clothing & outdoor essentials at Res|Toe|Run, Regatta, or The Travel Club.

Final stop: Milk tea! You’d have to admit this: It’s a different feeling when you grab your milk tea & punch a hole into the cup with the straw, straight from the counter. When in Ayala Malls, don’t miss your chance because you can always use your Zing points to buy from Chatime, Dakasi, Gong Cha, and your other fave shops. If you’re not a fan, have a scoop or two of ice cream from Gelatissimo or Baskin Robbins.



Aside from safe and cashless (literally!) payments using your Zing points, you can seamlessly book reservations via the Zing e-concierge. And when it’s finally safe to watch movies in cinemas, you can also book tickets via this app.

With GCash, you can never really run out of ways to make shopping and spending safe, contactless, and secure! As you plan to shop in Ayala Malls, don’t forget to download the Zing app on the App Store or Google Play, register for FREE, and link your GCash account.

If you have any questions or concerns, visit the GCash Help Center to find solutions or submit a ticket so we can help!

Don’t have GCash yet? You can download the app on the App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery. Register to GCash and get verified today!

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